Five Minimalist WordPress Themes (for Businesses)

Minimalism can be a good thing – modern, to the point, and without distracting features.  After all, it’s not just blogs that display minimalistic tendencies – modern art, architecture, and even product design (think Apple) also do well with this trait.  And it’s not just a modern thing, either – there’s the appeal of Zen Buddhist aesthetics, of the Shakers and their furniture, and similar minimalist aesthetics throughout history.  Minimalism is about simplicity and functionality, after all, and if your blog is solely about your business, then you can use it to your advantage as well.  So here are five minimalist WordPress themes which are also aesthetically pleasing.



Daily was designed by Robert Brodziak, and can be used for your business blogs or for portfolios.  It’s simple and beautiful, so you can attract your visitors’ attention effectively.



Oshine is a minimal WordPress theme which is suited for multiple applications – indeed, virtually any sort of WordPress site.  It’s designed to increase the speed of page loads, and comes with animation for them, in addition to having features like parallax scroll and smooth transitions.  Oshine is beautiful, simple, and very much functional – so what more could you want?

LUISA-wordpress-theme1 (1)


Luisa is a beautifully designed website template for WordPress, and it’s highly flexible, offering unlimited possibilities.  Luisa comes with video support, works on all mobile devices, and includes a WordPress customizer to make website design quick and simple for you.  And it comes with brilliant customer support to help you make the most of it, in addition to being optimized for search engines.



Milo was created by MadebyMinimal, and is lovely minimalist WordPress platform for your portfolios.  It’s clear, simple, and rich in features, which your customers will appreciate.  And it’s beautifully simple to use also.



Wintersong is another nice WordPress theme that is most useful for blogs or portfolios, with plenty of great features.  It’s easy to navigate and it’s simple and modern – which is exactly what you want in a WordPress theme when searching for “minimalist themes for WordPress,” which brought you here in the first place.

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