5 Turn-key Mobile Team Collaboration Software & Script to Download

Still depending on the decades old email for your team’s work updates or project status? Then this is for you.

Emails undoubtedly provide the best communication technique inside a workplace or an organization. Be it within a block or countries apart, with the email an administrator can always get in touch with his teams, get all necessary work updates and documents and respond to their queries as well. But the email does not provide the feature to know whether the recipient is online and having an instant reply from the recipient has always been a drawback. In addition, when it comes to a group conversation, emails provide limited features and having a conversation on phone or in person proved better but time-consuming.

A software, where all employees irrespective of the teams they work with, could update their work status and also have a conversation or a meeting with their colleagues at a time that suits them best, would offer the best solution to the issue.

With the team collaboration software there is no more need to keep up with the email thread. One scroll and you can view every message and file your colleagues have shared. Create separate groups and have a discussion exclusively with your team as well as have private conversations with any of your work friends. Need an employee to assist you in your new project? With every detail of the employees at their profiles, a manager or even a CEO can now easily find one. Not just with the employees, the team collaboration software can also be used to discuss and solve issues with your customers or clients as well.

No more long email threads or bothering phone calls. Get your employees a team collaboration software and have a more effective solution to manage and monitor your team.

Mobile Team Collaboration Software

Group Rocket

The new team collaboration software in the market has more to offer than the rest. Coming as a desktop compatible web version; the software assists you in having an easy communication platform at your workplace or provide a simple group chat service. A registration feature that is domain based comes with an invitation through Mandrill and email authentication. Once registering; the users can set their time zones, add their Skype and other contact details, upload photos and set them as their profile picture, add their designation and qualifications and more. And whenever a member of your group posts a message or shares a file, the software notifies the user instantly. And as a secure feature, the user gets notified about his/her activity as well.

With the provision to retain and archive the messages forever, the software comes integrated with Dropbox, Mailchimp, Stripe, Github and twitter and the user can integrated many number of applications to the software with the provided API. And with the iOS version of the software be connected to your work friends at all times from anywhere. With every message archived at the software users can search and access any message or a file that has been shared or posted even months ago. Coming with full source and free lifetime upgrades, this is one team collaboration software you would not want to pass on.

Central Desktop

Coming as a team collaboration software focusing on serving small and medium scale businesses, Central Desktop gives its users a great alternative to the email. Providing a cloud platform to connect the employees, their files as well as their customers; the software gives a platform where all employees can participate and share ideas helping them attain their goals in a much lesser time than forecasted. With every file shared in the cloud, the users can have access to any file shared by another user at anytime and from any place. Users can limit access to their files to specific people or just members of their team. The software helps users in having a less busy work schedule by sending automatic reminders through email, assign tasks and forward documents etc. Have a query that has to be explained by a third party member? There is no more need of calling or texting him/her in person. You can now get your queries answered and solve other issues with a vendor or a customer through the software, since it connects everyone to the cloud.

As a single software for every team, this team collaboration software also comes custom made for marketers, creative agencies and other various departments or teams.


As the popular collaboration tool for any business, this software comes as a web version as well as mobile applications for smartphones and other hand held devices. The authority or user can create different channels and organize the conversations for different teams. And all the members in the team have a complete idea of the work of their colleague. Need to text a colleague in private? The software lets the user send direct messages to their colleagues as well. With the feature to create private teams, you can now create a new team and inviting specific employees can have a group chat no other employee can participate or is even aware of.


A team collaboration software that offers a brilliant task management system where every user registering at the tool gets his own dashboard where all work related updates and tasks they work on are maintained and their upcoming tasks as well. And any user can create new tasks for his team, assign tasks for his colleagues, set due dates and notify them either privately or at the team channel. And getting notified about the team updates, instant replies are now easy to get and any user can start a discussion with another at anytime. Users can create notes or tasks and share it with their team and can even choose to allow other users to edit the same. And the best part; every change at the document is registered and at the history users can view the changes made at the file. You can even keep a track the time taken to complete a project or task. And with this software, even sending invoices to the customers and tracking payments as well is not tough anymore. In addition to all these, the user can create project estimates at the software and forward them to the clients and can start the work on the same instantly on approval. A brilliant tool to manage your tasks from the start to end.


Yet another effective team collaboration software where users can create and manage their tasks and discuss their work with their team mates as well. With bring branded clients from facebook, Microsoft and Skype, the tool comes as a powerful collaboration software where every work update is shared and is accessible to every user in the team. With features to share images and documents, the users can also limit access to the same either for just a team or only to specific members of the team. With features to preview the files at their dashboard and edit them, the users can mention their feedback on the documents or any file. Notified on the feedback, users can make changes or mention their queries instantly and help their colleagues be up to date on their work and the status of the project.

Team collaboration software
Finally; to the long email threads, hours-long team meetings and client phone calls from different time zones; Adios! Choose a team collaboration software that would best suit your business and have an instant improvement in your team’s performance. And a bonus point – most of these softwares now come with free trials for a limited period of time.

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