Five WordPress Plugins for Increasing Subscribers

If you’re using WordPress for your blog, you have various ways that you can lure in more subscribers, and that’s always a good thing to try and do.  Some of these plugins are free, others are premium, but they’re all useful in achieving your aim of seducing more subscribers.


Subscribe to Download (premium)

Why not encourage subscribers by installing a plugin which will allow them to download content if they subscribe?  The Subscribe to Download plugin will give your WordPress site a download system which confirms the email addresses of your readers automatically, and sends downloadable links to them.  So you can keep tabs on your subscribers with the ability to export the whole list to an autoresponder, and they get free stuff.  It benefits all of the involved parties, so no wonder it’s one of the most popular plugins for email subscribers on WordPress.


Opt-in Crusher (free)

Free plugins are always nice, and this one helps you create an opt-in form that appears at the footer of your blogs.  And Opt-In Crusher doesn’t even look that awkward, so you can rest assured that it will only serve its intended purpose without hindering things – giving your visitors a visible chance to subscribe to your mailing lists.


Hellobar (free)

Hellobar will show up at the top of your website with a message encouraging people to click on it, thus providing an unobtrusive way getting your visitors’ attention.  It’s pretty effective, simple, and free.


Pippity (premium)

Pop-up boxes can either be profoundly useful if you’re running a site or a blog, or incredibly irritating if you’re reading one.  Take that with a grain of salt, and use them strategically to draw in more subscribers –which is exactly what Pippity allows you to do.  Pippity provides a platform that allows you to ensure that pop-ups are delivered in the most beneficial and least obtrusive manner possible for your users.  To use pop-ups without making people hate you for it, you have to ensure that they’re relevant to the users and that the damn things don’t appear every time someone goes to your website, and that your visitors actually get a chance to read your blog post before it pops up – better yet, configure your pop-up to appear only when the user reaches the end of the post.  Another strategic move would be to display a pop-up which is relevant to visitors from a particular website, so you actually get their attention.

WP-Leads (free)

You can encourage anyone leaving by comments on your page to subscribe, simply by catching them at the point when they post their comment.  Since readers typically have to enter their email address whenever they comment on a blog post, you can use this information to sign them up in the process.  WP-Leads works by adding an extra check box beneath the post comment button, so commenters can subscribe to the blog right at that moment – or if you want to be more subtle and just lure them in, you can configure the plugin so that the check box is selected by default.  But luring your subscribers unwittingly is kind of unethical, so be careful about that.  But let’s say that you just let your commenters check the box on their own – you can then use these details with the email management program of your choice and get busy with your promotion work.

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