Go Influencing and merchandizing with ShoutQ

ShoutQ is the worlds’ first open marketplace for brands and influencers, allowing you to browse ,buy ,sell and queue shout-outs on Instagram & Twitter. ShoutQ was built and developed by large influencers, who know how hard it is to make any “real” money from social networking and by brands, who know how hard it is to find quality influencers to promote their products and services. The influencers deserve a bigger piece of the pie and that brands need an easier way to search and pay for quality influencers for promotional needs.


The Founders

Mike Smith joined the army as a mechanic when he was 18 and 6 years later he joined Ratheon to work as a defense contractor on their viper missile program in Germany .Later he moved back to California and got an electrical position at Janda Welders however being curious he discovered that social networking was just another puzzle to solve like any other puzzle.

Jared Carson was an SEO consultant for about 10 years. Jared and Mike came up with a genius system for getting large amounts of legit traffic from social networks , howtogrowbud a 9 million hits in a month. The mainstream name “Nouveau Studios” in order to cater to the mainstream companies. Nouveau quickly is still ranked till date.420 Studios is the leading web design company in the marijuana community and our Ganja Girls brand is one of the most influential brands in the marijuana community and the latest project is ShoutQ.com

Idea that inspired them

In Ganja Girls social networks, we got hundreds of submissions a day from models and we needed a way to organize all of this so the idea of shoutQ budded and we are glad it turned into better version than just a queuing system for shout-outs. However getting funded to build it created a ton of work we never anticipated.


What makes them different

“We basically figured out how to monetize social influence in an easy to use marketplace with an epic searchable database of influencers.” They made the tool everyone is looking for right now. It is hoped that ShoutQ will achieve for social networking what Ebay achieved for world commerce.

What’s in store for the near future

“We plan on adding all social networks right now it’s just Instagram and twitter but we will be adding Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and vine real soon”

  • Buy & sell shout-outs on Facebook (Account or Pages)
  • Login with Facebook and Google
  • SHOUT FOR SHOUT SYSTEM ( s4s coming soon)
  • Direct deposit cash out system
  • Buy and sell shout-outs on Google+
  • Buy and sell shout-outs on Pinterest
  • Buy and sell shout-outs on Tumblr
  • Buy and sell shout-outs on Vine
  • “User to user” messaging system
  • More social network statistics
  • Make (Teams List) from within your favorites list
  • Bulk requesting shout-outs from specific teams in your favorites
  • Video shout-outs (right now only photos work) and ShoutQ open API

What’s in store for the distant future

You need to be just like a stair building carpenter to succeed in life, always thinking one step ahead.

  • Google glass integration.
  • Get paid for actual verbal influence and recommendations in real life with scene and voice recognition via Google glass.
  • Get paid to make decisions like “what soda to purchase” or “what restaurant to eat at” with scene recognition via Google glass.
  • ShoutQ debit cards so you can spend your balance as you wish.


Competitors all over the world

Instabrand , Tapinfluence or IZEA can be considered competitors but services like those are agency-based, they are basically a group of people that connect specific brands to specific influencer. They are very specific about who can join and it’s not up to you regarding how much money you make.

ShoutQ is a simple tool that anyone can use, regardless of how many followers you have as an influencer, or what kind of brand you are. ShoutQ is an Amazon-like marketplace with only one product, “shout-out”. The seller is anyone who uses Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and the buyer is anyone who is interested in buying a shout-out from the seller.


A fee of 10% on each paid transaction

Now It’s for you to use

If you’re an influencer, ShoutQ as your social portfolio that boasts all the awesome stats about your influence. It will be a “one-stop-shop” for any business that wants to purchase Shout-Outs from you. You will come to think of your ShoutQ profile as restaurant owners thinks of their Yelp Profile. Every review will matter to you because that will directly affect your ratings, and thereby how much you show up in search results when other brands are searching. Your profile will proudly display your follower counts, reviews, ratings and Klout scores to help justify your prices to any brand interested in purchasing a shout-out from you.

If you are an extremely large influencer with a ton of followers, you will definately love ShoutQ. Finally there is a tool that allows you to sell shout-out as easy as it is to sell a blender on Ebay … Just create your profile, set your prices and promote your link “shoutq.com/username” shoutQ has now become your quickest route to money… you’re welcome 16yo’s of the world who have millions of followers .

If you’re a brand, ShoutQ is the only marketplace where you can search for influencer in your target demographic or niche, filter the results by rating, Klout score, follower count etc, and read reviews by other business owners about those influencer and their influence, as well as purchase ads from these influencer individually or in bulk. ShoutQ will start to become an invaluable research tool for finding small and large pockets of your specific demographic. This gives small businesses the ability to purchase ultra-targeted marketing on a budget and allows the larger businesses to purchase targeted marketing in bulk.


If you’re a Large shout-out Feed, ShoutQ can be an easy to use queuing system for the many feature requests you get every day. We know all about your problems as we have run many large shout out feeds ourselves. We have specifically designed ShoutQ to make your life a whole lot easier…. especially if you run multiple shout out feeds or even shout4shout feeds.

If you are one of those people that likes to Buy followers, ShoutQ might be the first legit way to do so. Instead of buying fake followers from shady websites or using one of the countless “ like for Like ” apps that promise to get you more followers, now you can purchase legit shout-outs on ShoutQ from mainstream Instagram, Twitter & Facebook accounts getting real followers that follow you because they are interested in you and not tricked into it by some dumb app.”

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