FHMatch gets the best health & fitness guidance for you

We all know how hard it is to find reliable fitness guidance these days! However, it is an important aspect of our life, which we need to entrust with only dependable sources. I remember the last time I wanted to join a gym, I quit in two days because it didn’t seem right and the workouts imposed by the trainer were inappropriate to my body type.

I am glad I used FHMatch to find another couch, which is totally worth it! The health-oriented portal brings together health and wellness professionals and consumers. The users can chat, book and review the health professional on FHMatch. They can also upload pictures, share video, and links on their profiles.

The co-founder of  FHMatch are magnificent and spontaneous. David Quenneville, Angela Holland, Adam Arifi and Craig Schultz together shaped the fitness platform for the benefits of others. They felt the need of a platform that connects for the fitness requirements.  Having relied on the word of mouth to locate fitness, health and wellness professionals, the other option is to join FHMatch.

It solves the prolonged problem of finding new fitness, health or wellness professional from invalid sources like Friends, Instagram and Google. FHMatch is solely integrated for fitness hence you can seek proper guidance of health professionals. The interface is tidy and user-friendly. Everything is done in one place – just search, select and connect.

As it is unique concept, there are no such direct competitors for FHMatch which makes it the ruler of the field. Anyone who is seeking for fitness, health or wellness professionals can get instant help. The professionals can also use FHMatch to find their customers.

Professional and corporate memberships are paid. FHMatch also offer advertising and a job posting board on its platform.

To enrol, check out the Kickstarter for exclusive pre launch deals on a Premium membership – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1566293912/fhmatch-fitness-health-match-get-connected-get-bal

For more information, visit: http://fhmatch.com/




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