Go daddy Superbowl commercial

Go daddy Superbowl commercials have always surprised us with their head turning ads. Unlike all the previous years, Go daddy has said that it won’t be promoting Sex in its commercials in 2015.

Go daddy Superbowl commercial 2014

This one here is the 2014 Superbowl bodybuilder commercial, has Danica Patrick running with body builders on the street and reach a Spray tan Shop. To encourage business owners that their business can be found, even if it’s at some nook and corner of the city with go daddy’s domains.


Go daddy Superbowl commercial 2014

This one, tries to be sexy but, well turns out to be gross nevertheless.  Bar Refaeli and Jesse Heiman’s make out session took 45 takes to get it right. (Lucky guy!). It definitely has grossed out a lot of viewers. Dana Patrick explains that “Bar Refaeli represents the sexy side and Jesse Heiman represents the smart side of Go daddy and together they are perfect (We think not! ) ” . Have a look at this Superbowl commercial.


Go daddy Superbowl Commercial, Puppet master. “I Quit!”

Well, if you ever think of quitting your job. Go to Go daddy, get a domain and they might just feature you in their next Superbowl commercial (sarcasm) to send a “I quit” message to your boss in front of a 100 million viewers. Gwen ( the puppet master)  just did that in this video.



Go Daddy Superbowl commercial 2014, “Sky waitress”

Hahahaha! That’s the one reaction i have for this video. It’s funny and it has happened most of the time to me, where i forgot to get a domain for a nice business idea and wait before i register it. Turned out, that someone with half a million funding bought it after a week. When i see this ad, i picture that guy saying “More everything, Sky waitress, Hahahaha” frantically laughing like a maniac 🙁 , but hey it’s funny.  I’m not going to say which domain, but it’s true.


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