Curating A Newsletter Is Just Few Minutes Away With Goodbits!

An email newsletter is one of the most effective ways to keep your customers engaged with your business. Giving them a daily, weekly or monthly dose of trending and interesting topics in your service area is a fun way to keep them around. However, building a newsletter is an exhausting task and often takes up way too much time to put together.

So what do you do to get your newsletter ready in a jiffy? Simple, you just get Goodbits! With this kickass app you can now have your newsletter ready in mere minutes. Curate and collect articles by just adding links with the extensions and have your newsletter created editor free.

Curating A Newsletter Is Just Few Minutes Away With Goodbits!

Meet The Power Team!

Goodbits was Ideated and co-founded by Charles Bergeron, Kalvir Sandhu, Philippe Creux and Godfrey Chan.

Kalvir is the founder of Brewhouse Software, Vancouver’s leading rails development agency. Goodbits is a product of Brewhouse Software. With 15+ years of experience under his belt, his drive continues to be about delivering software for needs. His areas of expertise are around shipping high quality web products, developing and hiring great talent.

He along with Charles, Philippe and Godfrey make a bunch of dedicated and talented developers that have all the right skills to catapult Goodbits’ success.

Know The App Better!

Goodbits is an app that allows users to quickly collect content and build their daily, weekly or monthly email newsletter.

With this app, email newsletters become dead simple to create. Companies that are sending emails for customer retention, knowledge-sharing, thought-leadership and other campaign strategies, Goodbits is taking the pain out of that. It should take minutes, not hours. As you find and discover content throughout the week, you’re collecting and saving it that makes it really easy to put together your email newsletter. As far as making it beautiful, the app has a slick interface that allows it to capture images neatly. It further, is responsive on mobile and has the small things around the edges that make these emails look pretty.

The Inspiration!

“At a previous startup, we had the need to generate a weekly roundup of links of content for our customers — they wanted to know what was going on. And as developers, trying to solve a marketing solution, we were sickened by the fact that we had to use an editor and type HTML every week and type in the from address, campaign name, etc. and then we just basically wanted to automate it. We wanted to type in a hashtag feed and then see the top links and then click them but we then learned that we didn’t want that part of the process automated because we wanted the team to be the curators so we wanted an easy way for our team to curate the content for our newsletter campaign. So that led into how can we make it easy to collect the content? Okay, well then we’ll make a chrome extension, RSS feed, etc. Make it easy to build the email by allowing the ability to drag and drop of links and then just hit send”, says Kalv.

Curating A Newsletter Is Just Few Minutes Away With Goodbits!

On The Hurdles Faced & Contenders!

Money was the team’s biggest challenge as in Vancouver early seed investment is hard to come by. The team bootstrapped their own business by building software for other people. They have got an excellent team of product designers and developers that work at Brewhouse Software ( By building software for others the team financed the company to build out Goodbits.

Further, when the team started there weren’t any competitors. There was no one making a curation platform. There were a lot of machine-learning companies collecting content like However, this app builds your digest from your twitter feed. Flash Issue too but they have the limitation of mail the newspaper only through Gmail. Nevertheless, presently there are many new startups that have arrived on the scene. A new potential competitor would be from the great author that sends IOS weekly.

On Expansion Plans & Target Audience!

Goodbits will be growing by taking over more of the workflow. We have yet to really tell everyone about it though. Email marketing is a huge industry. We’re looking at an area that has been overlooked. A lot of people have been looking at transactional emails and A/B testing and all of the fancy stuff. We’re just looking at regular email campaigning — the stuff that’s even boring within boring. Email’s boring. But within emails there’s email newsletters. And nobody’s been looking into how to improve them”, says the team.

In terms competition, the app is targeted at people globally. Goodbits already has customers in 30+ countries. The type of people the app is going after are individuals, marketing teams, thought-leaders and businesses that pride themselves on being leaders in their industry.

Monetizing Plan!

“Our service is a monthly, subscription SaaS service. People can pay monthly for our base service. There will be a free plan. But none of this is in place — it’s free to use it now because we want to spend the time to make sure we’ve done everything we can before we start charging”, says the team.

In short, Goodbits is here to revolutionize the way we create newsletters. This app helps in easy curation to build a kickass email newsletter.

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