Makemove Helps Entrepreneurs Finally Connect!

When you are a start-up, contacts and networking is everything. Knowing the right person, with the right opportunity at the right time is your determinant factor for success. Unfortunately, our connections are usually limited to our friends and acquaintances. In spite of living in a tech-savvy world, getting in touch with the right kind of entrepreneurs to explore various business opportunities still continues to be a daunting task.

To help with this very problem there is soon going to be a new mobile app in town called Makemove. Through this app, you will be able to instantly locate and connect with start-ups in your location.

Connect with entrepreneurs with Makemove

Meet The Dynamic Duo Behind Makemove!

This app was ideated and co-founded by Sam Englund and Jonatan Lindahl.

Sam and Jonathan are childhood friends who were born and raised in the tropical land of Sweden. The duo started Makemove because they believe that there is an enormous potential in making it easier for people to find others to collaborate and share knowledge with in order to ultimately create a phenomenal startup.

Know Makemove Up Close & Personal!

This app is your means to track down all start-ups located near you. Search for them based on the location you are in to get instant results. Through this iOS app you will be able to connect with a whole bunch of entrepreneurs and interesting business opportunities.

What Problem is Makemove Solving?

The start-up scene is bursting at its seam all over the world. Today there are more entrepreneurs than the entire US population. This situation has made finding them a difficult task.

Makeover solves this exact problem. It lets entrepreneurs from around the world sign in. It finally offers them a platform that allows them to find people based on need and location.

Connect with entrepreneurs with Makemove

The Driving Force!

“We actually needed an app like this ourselves a while ago for another project. We found it hard to find people outside our circle so we decided to build one. After some research and testing different hypotheses the first version of Makemove was born”, says the team.

On Expansion Plans & Target Audience

The team aspires to go all out. They want the app to be in every entrepreneur’s phone in the coming years. As far as target audience goes, any startup person with a cell phone and with the focus on product innovation is their market.

Special Offer For Our Readers!

Makemove was kind enough to give our readers the amazing opportunity to get their hands on the beta version of the app. To do the same use the invite code STARTUPDOPE.

Also, for more details on the app, do make it a point to visit:

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