Growthority – Growth Hacking as a service for both startups and traditional businesses

Rod Austin has been “building and marketing web projects for close to 14 years, with a focus on the startup world in the last 2-3 years.” While he was helping startups in their marketing efforts, Rod realized that hiring a Growth Hacker could be a challenge, as it “requires a fairly unique skill set”. Rod then decided to get some growth marketing folks together and create Growthority.


Most startups, especially the ones that are in their early stages need help in growing their user-base, traffic and revenue. Growthority provides growth hacking services to startups and other small businesses. They “blend creative ideas and proven marketing concepts to help startups grow users, traffic and/or revenue.” The team has talented marketers, coders and analysts who help create effective and results-driven hacks. Growthority claims to have a proven model that combines traditional marketing with growth hacking concepts. Although there are companies providing similar services, Rod feels that Growthority’s “hands-on and customized approach” sets it apart.


Ask Rod about the expansion plans, he says that while they plan to grow as the workload increases, they would like to make sure that they limit the number of companies they work with at any given time. They would prefer dedicating time and resources to only those companies. Growthority works with startups of all sizes and locations but they prefer a partner who has a dedicated marketing budget to work with. Rod says that as of now, there haven’t been any major hurdles.

Growthority monetizes by charging a monthly retainer for its services. It offers free consultation via this form –

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