Gift a STARTUP to your loved ones this holiday!

Christmas after Christmas – Thanks giving after Thanks giving, we gift the same old gadgets, cameras & toys. Yeah, it looks shiny and glamorous- but how useful is it beyond a point? So, in this edition lets look at a couple of innovative gifts that can become a Big Asset to your loved ones over a course of time ( and help them buy all those gadgets & camera’s with the money they earn from the knowledge you have gifted them )

Holiday gift

It is the age of the internet & obviously you might have heard of all those successful kids out there who have formed a great career from a website or a simple mobile app. How can they do it? Very simple, its because they learnt something when they were young – that others did not! …. Now all your near & dear ones need is, one such lever to turn the world around…. & that is what you are gonna give

Did you know?

The ancient Romans gifted the knowledge of farming & craftsmanship on the BirthDay’s of the younger ones, which made the country flourish.

Though there are a wide variety of such wonder gifts, In this post lets focus on a couple of tech oriented knowledge gifts.

* DIY CookBook for creating a YELP.COM like site.

Best Holiday gift  You might have surely heard of YELP.COM ( The business review site ). The beauty of the model in which  YELP runs is, it can be replicated for any niche ( Eg: Yelp for Schools, Yelp for Doctors, Yelp for cloth stores etc. )

– For just $49 these folks provide an entire tutorial + all the source code, so one can setup and run a YELP  like site instantly!

– A site like YELP requires very minimal maintenance( as its fully user generated content ) and the  monetization methods using YELP are plenty ( from Google Ads to getting a listing fee from local businesses  etc. )

This gift is for sure a miracle in the right hands. You can check out the details, demo HERE and make a  decision.

* Whatsapp like instant messaging app starter kit.

Best Holiday gift

I should admit this is a killer offer!  Why?

– This entire pack comes for just .99 cents !! ( a bus ticket costs more than this )

– You get source code for the IOS app, Android app and the server files along with the installation document.

– Using this anyone can start a Niche Whatsapp like service instantly!

Personally I think for .99¢, this is definitly worth a shot. You can check more details HERE

* Turn-key solution to start an UBER for X

Best holiday gift

We all know how Big UBER is. But Did you know there is a tremendously growing market for UBER for X models?

So lets first get to know what UBER for X means. Basically what the original UBER app does is connect a service seeker( passenger ) with a service provider ( Car Driver ) instantly based on your location. Entrepreneurs around the world have started to take this model and apply it for various niches like UBER for Maids, UBER for Massage service, UBER for laundry, UBER for Food delivery etc.

The beauty is this UBER for X model can be applied for nearly any business vertical in the world!

These folks have created a fantastic turn-key solution, using which anyone can start a Niche UBER for X business instantly! You get:

– The entire source code for IOS & ANDROID

– A website that works in sync with the mobile apps & a powerful admin panel to control the entire business from your computer.

– FREE expert installation & upgrades for life!

Go on and check out the DEMO HERE

Just try gifting one such out-of-the box gift to your loved ones & for sure by the next holiday season you will see magic happen in front of your eyes 🙂 ……We will keep adding more such amazing knowledge gifts as we come across more.

” Knowledge is power. You cant begin a career, for that matter even a relationship, unless you know everything there is to know about it “

– Hooda

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