Top 6 Travel Destinations for Work & Play!

Having a vacation is like taking some real time off from our hectic and erratic schedules. It’s that time of the year were you relax, unwind, stretch your aching muscles, party like an animal, perform daredevil adventures and feel connected with yourself.

But if you are bitten by the Entrepreneur bug then you are constantly on a look out for business opportunities. Why not have work and play at the same time? To help you do just that we have compiled a list of 6 travel destination where you can relax, unwind and stumble upon some seriously wicked business prospects.

6. Berlin, Germany

This is the land of the historic ‘Berlin Wall’, beer and many such world famous attractions. Berlin is a beautiful city that is bustling with culture, history and of course business opportunities. When it comes to work ethics, no one gets it right as the Germans. They are diligent, focused and can surely teach you a thing or two in being highly efficient with your work.

Even in times of declining economic activity, Berlin has been able to hold its ground as a competitive business location. From outstanding infrastructure to highly qualified workforce, Berlin is a gold reserve waiting to be mined. So stop being a mere tourist in the city and break away from your conventional sight-seeing to hit the local pub now or even a tech convention. You never know what opportunity is waiting for you there with a gigantic mug of brew in their hand.


5. Beijing, China

One of the ancient civilizations in the world, China has proven to be quite a remarkable place for business collaborations and opportunities. The city of Beijing, even after years still continues to be a favorite tourist destination among entrepreneurs as they never know what interesting and wacky ideas they may come back with.


4. Hawaii, US

Aloha to the land of Hawaii! This is the billionaires and millionaires vacation spot. Apart from just sunbathing in your shorts and floral shirt on the beach with your favorite cocktail, you can also make some strong business connections all while having fun.

In a way, taking a vacation to this exotic island is like making a sound investment as you never know which successful entrepreneur you may have the privilege to chance upon. Also, your chances of sharing a drink or golf match with them will be more in Hawaii than in any other tech event in the world.


3. Cayman Islands

These Islands are oh-so beautiful! Seeing them is a reassurance that the planet still has pristine places that are untouched by excessive human activities. The crystal clear beaches and the sun kissed white sand; well you surely must be in paradise.

But Cayman Islands are known more for its business conducive environment as much as it is renowned for its breathtaking beaches. This territory is a major world offshore financial center and has more registered companies than people. From high standard of living, zero taxation, location and accessibility, Cayman Island surely is an entrepreneur’s haven. So for your next vacation do make it a point to hit this territory, as you may be surprised with all the fun and opportunity these islands have in store for you.

Cayman islands

2. London, UK

This glorious city sitting on the banks of river Thames throughout history has shown us how to capitalize on new opportunities. London has withstood wars, plagues and even a great fire and has ruled a global empire. If the city still continues to be on top in terms of business opportunities then come one, the Brits are doing a whole lot of things right.

So hit the central business district, speak to local entrepreneurs that are running your favorite coffee shop or souvenir store. You never know what words of pure wisdom you may take back.


1. New York, US

Welcome to the Big Apple! This list is surely incomplete without mentioning this concrete jungle. From Wall Street to Madison Avenue, New York is the financial capital of the world with many entrepreneurial success stories. It is a proud home to more fast-growing companies than another city in US or probably the world.

So the next time you are in this city, be sure to chat with the guy sitting next to you in the subway. You may just gift yourself with some kick-ass business opportunities by the end of that ride.

New York

We are sure that with this list you have your next six vacations set! So go out there without compromising on your fun as well as work.

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