Hot tub cleaning and maintenance – What you need to know

Seeing as hot tubs can increase the value of your home, be a great source of entertainment at parties and friends re-unions, enable you to spend quality time with the family and bring about a number of health benefits, their popularity in the UK is rising fast!

Having said that, potential owners are sometimes put off by pre-conceived or unfounded opinions they may have regarding hot tub cleaning and maintenance. But HotSpring World, a reputable, knowledgeable and experienced dealership, is on hand to provide a bit of reassurance to those interested in buying hot tubs: –


The great thing about modern hot tubs is that they have their own in-built cleaning systems, which make sure dirt and grease don’t become a problem. However, the filters that make this possible do need cleaning or changing from time to time.

If not, the jets won’t be as strong and the heater might cut out altogether. To stop this from happening, you’ll need to soak the filters in a solution of cartridge cleaner for about 24 hours, which will break down any grime.

You can also use an instant filter cleaner, which comes in a bottle and requires a simple spray. But for both, you might need to rinse with a hose or pressure washer to make sure any muck or calcium, which can be a somewhat invisible problem, is gone completely.

When it comes to cleaning the shell, you should always follow the manufacturer guidelines. Using soap or detergents is not a good idea, as they could damage the hot tub’s cleaning system and leave you with some rather unpleasant water.

On top of that, to avoid draining your hot tub after every use, be certain the right alkalinity, PH and sanitizer levels are maintained at all times.


Generally speaking, hot tubs don’t require much maintenance and are built to stand the test of time. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure your hot tub is always a nice place to be and reduce the chance of running into problems.

First of all, aim to drain your hot tub every 3-4 months. Most hot tubs come with a bottom drain, but pumps can also be used to remove water quickly and easily.

Naturally, if you can see a problem with the water in your tub then you should drain it if other measures do not rectify the problem in a satisfactory manner.

Another important ongoing consideration is keeping the cover in good condition. Not only does this prevent the water getting filled with garden debris, it also ensures heat doesn’t escape and can have a dramatic impact on your energy bills.

Therefore, don’t sit or lie on the cover and make certain it fits back tightly after every use. If the cover does not fit correctly then it will all too easily be blown off if there is a stiff breeze or gusty wind.

If you start to notice things like hairline cracks or are worried there is lime scale in the pipes, you should always contact the retailer of your tub or a specialist before attempting repairs yourself. If you are not careful, due to inexperience, you may cause more harm than good!

This is why buying from a trusted and well-known dealer like Hot Spring World makes perfect sense. Its team of sales staff and technicians can provide advice on which system to purchase as well as ongoing help should anything go wrong. For more information on their wide range of products to suit every budget, be sure to contact them today.

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