How Can Uber for Laundry Give Your Business an Ablution [Case Study]

Laundry, though being essential for every household isn’t something that fascinates us in doing every week. It’s not something we can skip either. Doing laundry is much simpler than driving a car but not everyone finds the time to do it or is interested in doing it. Owning a laundry machine at home might be cost efficient but occupies a lot of space. And not all laundry stores are open at our convenient times or less busy during business hours. Laundry has reached a point where it needs space in your weekly schedule and a whole lot of your time that you could have spent at leisure.

Not all laundry stores provide dry cleaning services. Running up and down to different stores is exhausting and the best way to spend a good weekend in the worst way possible. An online laundry store could provide the necessary fix to the existing issue.

Start Your own business


Uber, with its taxi app completely changed the way people hire taxis or cabs. Uber focuses only on providing taxis on demand. With one touch at the Uber app in their smartphones a customer is now able to catch a ride anywhere to anyplace. Uber has reached unforeseen success and many business owners are looking at following the example they have set.

Uber for Laundry:

Uber for laundry service is the on-demand service for picking up dropping a customer’s laundry. A business like uber can benefit both the customers and business owners. It is not easy for laundry service providers running a business from home to get the attention of the customers. With proper marketing to their business and good service, the service provider can attract and retain any number of customers in their regular list.


mowares uber for laundry

Mowares, an application development company that is successful in creating Uber-like applications for almost every on-demand service possible. They have Uber like apps for food delivery services – SnapGrub? For mechanic services – I mechanics, for cleaning services – Clean Now and many more.


InstaWash? is the uber like app for laundry services from Mowares. The application aims at providing customers with laundry services on demand. With the app any entrepreneur looking at running a laundry service business, can easily own one with less effort.

How does it work?

 An entrepreneur purchases the script from the company and installs it in his/her server. The owner as the admin panel can add any number of laundromats to the app. When a user requests a laundry service, the GPS system fissures the user’s location and laundromats in the neighborhood are notified about the user’s requirement. The laundromats available for service are displayed to the customer. The customer can read reviews about the laundromats from previous customers and selects the desired laundromat. Once the delivery person from the laundromat leaves for pickup the customer is intimidated. Based on the laundromat’s availability or the customer’s requirement, the clothes are returned to the customer the same day or the next. The user can review the service of the laundromat and the service provider also has the provision to rate the customer. The app owner can work out a percentage of commission for every client the service provider obtains.

As an Entrepreneur:

An entrepreneur hoping to run a laundry delivery service can purchase the application from Mowares and install it in his/her server. The application owner as the admin panel can now enter or register as many laundromats he/she wishes. The admin panel also has provisions to categorize the laundromats based on the type of laundry service they provide (home based services, dry cleaning services etc.).

The entrepreneur can run the service from anywhere, in the garage, the basement or even the attic. He/she needs to put in a much less effort in running the business after the application has attained a particular amount of fame in the neighborhood.

In addition to running a business with no store, a laundry service owner can also buy the application and customize it for his/her own laundromat. He/she can use the service of other laundromats in the neighborhood too in running the business. Providing add space for averts, giving out coupons for regular customers etc are ways of inviting more money to your pocket through the application. Any idea that points out to the money making direction, can be put in action.


(i)Running the business doesn’t need any special space.

(ii) The cheapest way possible to own and maintain a business with less or minimal effort.

(iii)The easiest and cost effective startup business any budding entrepreneur can begin.

As a business owner:

Gone are the days where the word of mouth and printed media were the marketing plans that every business owner follows. With the growth of the internet era and the ‘anything – anywhere – anytime’ fever; providing an easy reach to the customers has become mandatory and a website or mobile application could  do the necessary. But creating and maintaining the same is not cost efficient. InstaWash? app could provide business owners the easy reach to their customers and it also serves as a cost efficient marketing platform. The business owner has the possible chance for earning a customer who might not even aware of their business. This benefit proves best for laundry businesses run from home where there are least chances that potential customers are aware of the business in the neighborhood.


(i)A cost efficient way to have an online market for your business.

(ii)The application serves the best marketing platform for the business FOR FREE.

(iii)With reviews about the customer, the business provider is made aware of the person he/she has to put up with.

(iv)Best marketing platform for home based businesses.

As a customer:

With the application in the smartphone a customer can find and reach a laundry service anywhere anytime with just one touch. The application categorizes the type of laundry service provided and finding the suitable service provider for the required service has never been this simple. The customer can also view the ratings of the service provider and choose to either select or reject the service based on it. Laundry pickup and delivery are at the customer’s doorsteps at time suitable for the customer.


(i)Awareness about local service providers.

(ii)Pickup and delivery at the customer’s doorsteps.

(iii)Saves a whole lot of time doing laundry which can now be spent at leisure, on work etc.


The app eliminates any possibility of making new friends or even securing a date at the laundromats.


There are laundromats in almost every corner of the street and a great competition rejects the opportunity of increasing your revenue even with a great number of customers. A laundry service application can relieve the service provider from such a situation and with easy access to the laundromat’s service; customers are sure to choose your service over other service providers.

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