How not to be a jerk at the workplace!

You can save yourself a good deal of embarrassment if you just let go of your big fat ego and learn to exercise some self-control at the workplace. Conflicts at the workplace are not uncommon and knowing how to manage them well is a skill that everyone has to learn. Here’s the protocol for you to avoid being a jerk at the workplace:

Handle criticism with composure:

This may sound very clichéd, but it’s a fundamental skill that every employer needs to have. When others point things out about you or your work, don’t be stubborn and get defensive. Instead work on it and show them the changes or improvements they seek in you. Sometimes strong criticism can lead to stupendous success if you make the necessary changes and have the right attitude.

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Never lose your temper at the workplace:

This is the worst thing a person could do at the workplace. Losing temper, shouting and screaming will give a bad impression about you to other people. It’s very uncouth to shout and scream and you better not do it!

Never swear:

Never swear or curse at the workplace. It shows you in a very bad light and you might regret what you said after your anger wears off. Just exercise self-restraint if someone says something rude to you. This will really save your reputation at the workplace.

Stay out of gossip and rumors:

If someone starts a conversation about the fallout that happened between the Team Leader and that guy from the development team, steer clear and walk out of the room before you get entangled in the gossip. You can’t trust these sources and it could just be a rumor that someone started in the office that is not true.

Being too conscious of your background:

Sure! You come from a wealthy family! You went to school in a sleek limousine. You had your own personal caretaker since childhood. You are filthy rich and this gives you an inclination of looking down upon others who come from humble backgrounds. Remember that work is about good performance and meeting deadlines. Nobody cares if you live in a penthouse with seven different types of dog breeds! ( I know some people who were filthy rich and still worked )

Avoid talking in a rude and harsh tone of voice:

Speak kindly to others. Adopt a gentle tone of voice. Be good-humored and crack that occasional joke to lighten up the atmosphere. You don’t have to be dead serious all the time. Laugh, get silly and do some crazy stuff at the workplace. You’ll be the most popular person at the office, if you do so.

Complaining about your team mates to the Team Leader:

You don’t have to run and tell about that new junior every time he screws up! Give him a break! Give him some time to learn the ropes of the trade and help him out in his work occasionally. This not only increases the trust factor in your relationship, but he’ll also end up looking up to you like a mentor and guide, giving you more respect and asking for your opinion in important work-related matters.

Blaming others for collective failures:

When there’s a failure within you team, the worst thing you can do is place the blame on somebody else. The blame game is very unproductive and will take you nowhere. Instead sit and talk together and come up with ways to prevent the failure from happening again. Figure out what you did right, what you did wrong and what can be done better so that the next time you will be able to meet with success and profit.

Being uncooperative with teammates:

Since you and your teammates are working towards the same goals and plans, you might as well co-operate with them and get ahead. If you are confrontational, then there is no point in being part of the team in the first place. If you are always breathing fire at your teammates, getting into arguments or cold wars, then it’ll probably take the fun out of working together and dampen the team spirit. So learn to be diplomatic and cool-headed and get the work done in a professional way.

Showing disrespect to company helpers and odd jobs people:

Let’s face it! Every company will a person to fix those crashed computers or to repair a leaking tap in the restroom or to run those small errands. You can’t blow up on these people or show disrespect to the labor class. You have to give them the respect they deserve for doing those small jobs that keep the company running smoothly and efficiently.

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