How Public Relations Agencies Use Technology in Social Media

From Instagram to Twitter, any professional PR agency will want to leverage technology to keep one step ahead of the competition. While your messaging and social strategy will really dictate how you portray your client’s brand online, the technology you employ will dictate when and how that message is engaged with by your audience. Let’s take a look at how Konnect Public Relations leverages technology to do just that.

Get the Right Photo the First Time

All social networks thrive on photos. It’s the currency of social. But, getting your shots just right can take a bit of gear. For close-ups and product shots, we’ve found not only do you need some quality camera gear, but you’ll need a light box to really showcase smaller objects. Here you see one our social media experts trying out our new light box set up, which features indirect lighting and a consistent white background that can really make the products pop.


Make “Regrams” a Big Part of Your Instagram Strategy

For anyone on Instagram who posts about a brand, one of the most exciting things is when that brand recognizes their post by commenting, or even re-gramming the post. What’s a regram? It’s when someone on Instagram reposts someone elses post. Essentially, it’s a re-post, but when brands are concerned, it’s one of the biggest ways to demonstrate that you’re listening to your customers. We recommend a regramming app to make the job of regramming much, much easier. Search for the app “Regram” on your favorite app store. It’s one of our personal faves.


Get More Real-Time with Twitter and Bump Engagement with Your Followers

Millions of people use Twitter every day, and some of those people are probably talking about your brand. If you want to go pro on Twitter, we recommend using a real-time monitoring app like Tweetdeck. By setting up feeds and telling Tweetdeck what to look for, you can see real-time engagement with your brand and when you do, you can interact with those Twitter users in real-time. Tweetdeck is also well-suited to teams managing a single Twitter account. Collaboration and letting your entire team keep track of brand mentions is one of the best ways to boost brand engagement for yourself or for your clients.

This is just a sample of how a professional agency might leverage technology for better social media management and engagement. Stay tuned for future articles from the Konnect PR team!

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