How to Set Up a One-Person Business

Popular proverb states that if you want something done right you need to do it on your own. However grim and nihilistic this may seem, the truth is that you can rarely rely on other people to follow up on your vigilance. Because of this, there is nothing safer than being able to start your own business, all by yourself. Setting up a one-person business is in no way an easy job but where there is a will, there is always a way. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make this dream of yours into reality.

Can it be done?

First of all, whatever you decide to do in life, there will always be someone to preach that it is impossible. For obvious reasons, same goes for one-person businesses, but in this case nothing could be further from the truth. Just take an example of Urban Dictionary, which was a one-man project back in 1999. Another great example is Amazon which was again a one-man startup (believe it or not) back in 1994. All in all, after your business starts growing you will need to bring more people in. Still by starting on your own with the resources you have available you are minimizing the risks and maximizing your profits.

Crafting the idea

As in any business, it starts with an idea. What you need in order to pave your way to the top is take a brand new way of providing an old service or supplying a well-known product. The planning stage is completely invaluable to the entire process so take as much time as you need to do everything right. One more thing, since it is quite unlikely that your startup will bring significant profit from the very beginning, it might be a good idea to keep your 9 to 5 job at least for the time being. This does not mean that you do not believe in yourself, only that you are cautious.

Do your research

Now before you start, it is vital that you do a proper market research and determine what fields are most open for startups. What you are looking for are business niches (or even a niche-within-a-niche) that are not oversaturated and those that are startup-friendly. After this simply try to see if you have all that it takes to get involved in that line of work and you will be ready to go. This however, is seldom as easy as it sounds.

On your own, but not alone

Although in theory you will do all the heavy lifting on your own, you will also most definitely need some help. Seeing, as this is a one-person startup hiring is out of option. This means, going for a more cost-effective solution, resorting to useful software. Equip yourself with apps and platforms that will help you do all the work by yourself. Since you are entrusting your entire livelihood and future of your business to them, you will need some valid software reviews before you make up your mind. After you make the choice, you will be well on your way towards the success.

In the end, you have to start somewhere, even if it means starting alone. As Henry V said just prior to Battle of Agincourt (at least according to Shakespeare) “the fewer men, the greater share of honor” and is there a greater glory that succeeding in this hostile business world on your own.


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