Hume AI Secures $50 Million Series B to Further Emotionally Intelligent AI Development

NEW YORK – March 28, 2024 – Hume AI, an innovative New York City-based startup specializing in artificial intelligence solutions focused on human well-being, today announced the closure of its Series B funding round. The company secured $50 million.

Existing investors Union Square Ventures, and others also participated.

The funding influx will support Hume AI’s continued research and development of its groundbreaking Empathetic Voice Interface (EVI). This advanced AI system can analyze and interpret human emotions, aiming to enhance interactions across numerous sectors.

AI’s Emotional Evolution

Hume AI’s work aligns with a broader technological trend – the drive to create AI models that better understand and respond to human emotions. This pursuit of emotional intelligence in AI holds significant potential benefits. Applications could range from improved customer service interactions, more effective mental health and wellness tools, and enhanced user experiences across the digital landscape.

“Our vision is an AI that can augment all human interactions with compassion and understanding,” said Dr. Alan Cowen, founder of Hume AI and a well-regarded pioneer in semantic space theory. “This funding round is a validation of that vision and the transformative power that emotionally intelligent AI holds.”

Alan Cowen of Hume AI

Flagship Product: Empathetic Voice Interface (EVI)

Concurrent with the funding announcement, Hume AI unveiled the beta version of its EVI. The EVI system is built upon a foundation of millions of human conversations, allowing it to anticipate user needs, determine when a speaker has finished a thought, and tailor its vocal responses to maximize user satisfaction. Hume AI envisions offering this functionality to developers via a streamlined API, making integration into a wide range of applications seamless.

Similar Startups and Innovations Hume AI isn’t the only player in the burgeoning field of empathetic AI. Here are a few other notable startups making strides in this area:

  • Affectiva: Specializes in AI that reads human emotions via facial expressions and vocal cues.
  • Cogito: Leverages AI to enhance the performance of customer service teams through real-time emotional guidance.
  • Replika: Creates AI companions focused on emotional support and mental wellness.
Column NameDetails
CompanyHume AI
HeadquartersNew York, NY
Funding RoundSeries B
Amount Raised$50 million
Lead InvestorEQT Ventures
Other InvestorsUnion Square Ventures, Nat Friedman & Daniel Gross, Metaplanet, Northwell Holdings, Comcast Ventures, LG Technology Ventures
About Hume AI

Hume AI is a research lab and technology company on a mission to build AI that enhances human well-being.

Founded by leading AI researcher Dr. Alan Cowen, the company pioneers empathetic AI systems designed to elevate human-computer interactions.

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