Hunch Raises $23 Million to Fuel Anonymous Social Discovery App

Hunch, a Dubai-based social discovery app built on anonymity and honest conversations, has secured $23 million in Series A funding. This significant investment fuels the company’s expansion plans to launch in the US and further solidify its presence in India.

Anonymity for Unfiltered Opinions:

Hunch stands out in the social media landscape by prioritizing anonymity. Launched in December 2022 by the trio of Ish Goel (CEO), Nitika Goel (CPO), and Kartic Rakhra (CMO), the platform allows users to create polls and engage in discussions without revealing their identities. This unique approach aims to encourage honest and unfiltered expression across a wide range of topics, from pop culture and gaming to finance, relationships, and anime.

Bridging the Curiosity Gap:

Hunch goes beyond simple social interaction. It caters to the inherent human desire to understand and validate one’s opinions. By facilitating anonymous polling, the platform allows users to:

  • Gauge public sentiment: Users can create polls on various topics, gauging collective opinions and perspectives on diverse issues.
  • Find like-minded individuals: By voting and commenting on polls, users can connect with others who share similar viewpoints, fostering a sense of community even in the absence of revealed identities.

Fueling Growth and Expansion:

The newly acquired $23 million will empower Hunch to:

  • Launch in the US market: Expanding beyond its current reach, Hunch plans to introduce its platform to American users, potentially disrupting the traditional social media landscape.
  • Solidify its presence in India: With a growing user base in India, Hunch will invest in further development and expansion within the country.
  • Continue platform development: The funding will also fuel ongoing improvements and innovation within the Hunch platform, ensuring it remains an engaging and valuable tool for users.

Hunch’s unique blend of anonymity and honest conversation has garnered significant traction, attracting over 640,000 polls and exceeding 25 million user votes. With this substantial funding and ambitious expansion plans, Hunch is poised to reshape the way people connect and engage online, offering a platform for genuine and unfiltered dialogue in the age of social media.

Deal Highlights:

Alpha Wave, Hashed, & OthersSeries A$23 Million
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