Identifying the Ideal Service Provider for Kindle formatting services?

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There are a good number of authors, who have self-published their eBooks and reached out to millions of readers all over the world. Do you want to become one among those authors? It is not a difficult job for a skilled author like you, who could write excellent books on diverse subjects, putting in great new ideas to get the books published through the leading self-publishing platforms available that enables you to publish and market your book with ease. Due to the name and fame gained by such eBook Stores like the Amazon Kindle, Apple, Barnes and Noble, and so on, you could easily take a great entry into the fast developing eBook world. Therefore, do not procrastinate any longer. Just go ahead and get your eBooks published easily.   It is suggested that you get your first eBook published through Amazon Kindle and if possible, also through other platforms, at the same time. Otherwise, if you prefer to use only one platform, proceed with Amazon Kindle.


Ways to find the Ideal Service Provider for the eBook conversion of your input (manuscript) into the Kindle / ePub formats?

Make a thorough search in the internet for eBook conversion service providers. Analyze and find a well experienced service provider who has thorough knowledge about the conversion processes with good records and client testimonials, also with ample years of experience. The company should not have automated processes; instead it should have expert programmers, who could be involved in the processes, to ensure error-free output.

Further points you should look for in the service provider:

About identifying the professional service provider

Look for a service provider, who follows the applicable industry standards, to format the eBooks. I recommend Ebook Enhancers for all your conversion needs.

A Dedicated Service Provider

With the advent of eBooks, the number of eBook conversion service providers is increasing day by day. Most of these service providers use automated tools to get your eBooks converted within a short TAT (turnaround time). Automated processes could not provide a totally error-free output. Especially, certain special characters, fonts, images, tables, graphs and colors too could not be captured and converted properly, resulting in undesirable output in the eReader devices / applications. Dedicated service providers will have manual intervention in order to ensure totally error-free as well as top quality outputs. They also perform proper testing of the final files in various devices to confirm trouble-free readability.

A Reliable Service Provider

A dedicated service provider will be providing revisions to the author, allowing him / her to make changes or corrections that may be required for free, before delivering the final eBook files. Moreover, the service provider should also be ready to include any missed out content or corrections made by them, at a later, for free.

A Trustworthy Service Provider

The service provider must offer required security for all your personal information, which includes the book’s content too, offering encrypted data transmission and firewall protections, prior to publication and after publication as well.


A Service Provider, who offers excellent service at a reasonable price, within a short TAT

A service provider, who offers outstanding quality and a guaranteed service at a reasonable price, and delivers the final files within the agreed turnaround time, should be considered as, an eBook that is formatted well, ensuring trouble-free readability also with appealing looks will be the one that could win the game. Thus, it is equally important to have the book’s content as well as the looks (formatting part) to be done with great efforts – with an eye for detail in order to succeed.

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