Kismet Secures $8.2 Million Seed Funding to Revolutionize Care giving for All Ages

Melbourne-based healthcare startup Kismet has secured $8.2 million in seed funding, bringing their total funding to $10.8 million. This significant investment fuels the company’s mission to revolutionize care giving, supporting individuals across generations.

Addressing a Growing Need:

Kismet tackles the ever-growing challenge of care giving complexity, particularly for individuals managing the needs of both elderly parents and young children. Their innovative platform bridges the gap between care recipients, care coordinators, and service providers, offering a comprehensive solution for the in-home, disabled, and aged segments on a global scale.

A Comprehensive Ecosystem:

Kismet‘s digital platform empowers users by:

  • Facilitating care: The platform seamlessly connects individuals with over 35,000 care providers and support coordinators, streamlining the care giving process.
  • Simplifying appointments: Kismet automates appointment scheduling, ensuring care recipients receive the necessary services while factoring in available insurance options.
  • Enhancing communication: The platform fosters efficient communication between all stakeholders involved in the care giving journey.

Investing in Growth:

Kismet will utilize the newly acquired funds to:

  • Expand its team: Building a robust team is crucial for scaling operations and meeting the growing demand for their services.
  • Strengthen global presence: Kismet aims to reach a wider audience by expanding its reach beyond its Australian roots.
  • Further develop its platform: Continuous improvement of the platform will ensure it remains at the forefront of care giving solutions.

Kismet’s innovative approach and substantial funding position them as a game-changer in the care giving landscape. By offering a holistic solution that caters to diverse needs, Kismet empowers individuals and families to navigate the complexities of care giving with greater ease and efficiency.

Deal Highlights:

Investor(s)RoundAmountTotal Funding
Prosus Ventures & Airtree Ventures (Co-Leads)Seed$8.2 Million$10.8 Million
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