KIT-AR Secures £2.82 Million to Revolutionize Manufacturing with Augmented Reality

KIT-AR, a London-based augmented reality (AR) platform provider for the manufacturing industry, has secured £2.82 million in a funding round co-led by 3XP Global and Blue Crow Capital. This significant investment highlights the growing potential of AR in streamlining production processes and minimizing errors, a critical challenge for manufacturers.

The Funding Landscape:

The global augmented reality (AR) market is projected to reach a staggering $94.4 billion by 2028, according to a report by Grand View Research. This exponential growth is driven by the increasing adoption of AR across various industries, including manufacturing, where it has the potential to revolutionize how workers interact with complex tasks and information.

KIT-AR’s Cutting-Edge Solution:

KIT-AR’s platform leverages the power of AR, artificial intelligence (AI), and process mining to empower “augmented workers” in the automotive and aerospace manufacturing sectors. By providing real-time guidance, error identification, and process optimization, KIT-AR aims to:

  • Reduce the cost of poor quality: A significant pain point for manufacturers, poorly produced goods lead to wasted resources and lost revenue. KIT-AR’s technology helps mitigate this by minimizing errors throughout the production process.
  • Enhance worker productivity: AR overlays can provide workers with step-by-step instructions and critical information, reducing training time and improving efficiency.
  • Improve data-driven decision making: By leveraging process mining capabilities, KIT-AR allows manufacturers to gain valuable insights into their production workflows, leading to data-backed optimizations.

Building on a Strong Foundation:

KIT-AR’s leadership team boasts a proven track record of innovation. They have been recognized by prestigious programs like the Sony Startup Acceleration Program, the Boeing Aerospace Xelerated Program, and most recently, the Unicorn Factory, which supports high-potential startups with global ambitions.

Funding Highlights:

3XP Global and Blue Crow Capital (Co-Leads)Seed Follow-on£2.82 million
Sintef Venture VFollow-onUndisclosed
Criteria Venture TechFollow-onUndisclosed
Armilar Venture Partners (NOS 5G Fund & TechTransfer Fund)Follow-onUndisclosed

Looking Ahead:

With this fresh injection of capital, KIT-AR is poised to expand its operations, scale its team, and further refine its platform. As the manufacturing sector embraces the transformative potential of AR, KIT-AR is well-positioned to become a leader in this rapidly evolving space.

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