Kitchology Is Here To Pacify Your Food Sensitivity

The number is 15 million! In USA and world wide, people have tough time dealing with food intolerance. Be it  sea food or sweet, allergies can really get on your nerves.To worsen the scenario people don’t know how to get away with it.Those harmful anti-allergens suck on your liver, be ware! The new Kitchology app is a savior for those, who have food allergies.


Think Netflix + Waze for food activities! Kitchology is a Mobile Food 2.0 app. It enables its users to modify any recipe to fit their diets goals, budget, schedule or use inventory.It is focusing on the people dealing with food allergies and what they truly needed as a starting point.Kitchology it is!

Teaming It up!

Alain Briancon and Iris Sherman are the co-founders of Kitchology with seasoned entrepreneurial skills. While Alain is expertise mobile technology and building applications, Iris is into health and immunology.

The core team includes software development, data/content management, nutrition and marketing is concentrated in the greater Washington DC area, some in NY and some in China. Skype/dropbox/emails and texting are the keys to our operation.

The idea to formulate Kitchology was initiated by both the founders after the jamming session with consumers, advocacy groups, and suppliers. The duo realized the need of an app, which deals and manages the special diet and concerning the food allergies.The tool fosters the creativity and streamlines the plans to meet goals for safer food experience, more varied meals and saving money.


“We took close to 18 months to get a sense of what needed and start building the software team and the coding. After that, building the system has turned out to be a big endeavor. Our ambitions are big and that requires a sophisticated system to be built.”

The Thoughtfulness,Kitchology!

Kitchology is aiming to help the families dealing with special diets; it creates the right meals for them according to the health aptitudes. The considerate app enables them to modify any recipe to fit their diets goals, budget, schedule or use inventory.

Kitchology is stunning because it centralizes cooks and families. This is why it is referred as ‘Netflix + Waze’ for food activities. It doesn’t overload the overwhelming consumers with millions of recipes not adapted to their specific needs and circumstances. Instead, it adapts the food, recipe and experience to the consumer not the other way around.

The Market Scenario For Kitchology

Competitors to Kitchology focus on single functions such as menu planning, recipe search, recipe clipping, scanning packages, and hosting grocery sites or coupon generation. These point solutions are the first of wave food apps (Mobile Food 1.0).

“We look at Yummly and Pinterest as front-end to Kitchology with some overlap, Ziplist and GroceryIQ as clipping centric, Catalina Marketing and MyWebGrocer as back-end.”

With discipline and money, the start-up will grow from 50 to 150  million company within 4-5 years. It started with catering the families struggling with food allergies, expand to food intolerance and other special diets over time.


The Monetization Model

It’s a free app! The revenue is generated by connecting suppliers and retailers to relevant consumer activities in real time at critical decision moments. This includes affiliate sales, placement of content during cooking, ingredient search and others functions.

We are working on figuring what would be the most interesting to them as different stages of the growth of the platform.”

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