Shop Anywhere Around The World With ‘Muber’

I have always eyed those luxury items, that are not available in India. Thanks to Muber, it lets you shop products from any part of the world  and  delivers it fast in affordable price via incoming travelers. Now it’s possible!

Just order the item you want on Muber and an incoming traveler will fulfill your request for a fraction you would have paid for FedEx, Ups or DHL.


The Founders

Leo Lope Lofranco – CEO
Francis Plaza – CTO
Life Lofranco – COO

Francis and Leo are comrades and travel partners since their teenage. In April 2013, Francis from MIT and Leo  compassioned their Ideas to start Muber as a small  project to cater the numerous requests they had from friends and families as they traveled. As Filipinos, they also know the strong ‘padala’ culture that is deeply ingrained in Philippine culture.In June 2013, Leo’s brother, Life Lofranco got inspired and decided to join Muber.

“While travelling to Cambridge, many of our relatives had asked us to buy all sorts of stuff from clothes, gadgets and even shoes to bring these back home to Manila Philippines when we return”.

So, they started to gathered all of the travelers from the US and let them fulfill hundreds of delivery requests from the Philippines and incentivize them for every fulfilled delivery they make, this is how Muber was evolved.

Setting up a start-up is extremely challenging. For Muber, at the time of launch, the model was suggested for several major feed-backs that ultimately changed the existing model. “We aim to reach small milestones that we set before hand and always keep an open workplace for all three of us”.

Key Features

Item inaccessibility and unavailability are two major problems in many developing countries. For example, ‘Cards Against Humanity’ a very popular card game in the US and Europe is not available anywhere in the Philippines yet the demand is so high. The solution works not only because it’s a common method for being a less expensive and faster solution but also because it fosters trust within the community.



Manyship, Frienshippr, Backpackbang are the major competition faced by Muber. However,the deliveries methods of Muber are exceptional and dependable.

“With our model, requesters simply buy through our site like any e-commerce website and we immediately connect your request on the background with a traveler to fulfill it”.

Muber connects the US and the Philippines market now but I bet the concept will soon flourish between other countries as well. Especially in countries that also resonate the problem where item inaccessibility and unavailability, Muber would work as an excellent solution for marketing unreachable stuffs.

Requesters such as overseas workers, expats and general buyers can avail the Muber service and travelers like travel agencies, manning agencies, placement agencies, travelers on the go, backpackers, expats will cater the requests.

Monetizing the Service

Rates are calculated based on the weight of the item. Average profit for every transaction comes around $10 per item.

Special Offers

When you sign-up, you also get a referral code to share with friends and relatives. For every referral, it slashes down an additional $10 for your purchase.‘Startup Dope Readers’ can avail the coupon code for a 10% off: ‘ilovemuber ’.

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