Get Leads Sent To Your Inbox With LeadFuze!

Lead generation is absolutely crucial to increase your customer base. However, the task of compiling a list of potential leads can be time-consuming and frustrating. How about we told you that there is a new tool available that will give you all the help you need to get leads?

Well ladies and gentlemen, we introduce you to LeadFuze! This kickass software finds your ideal customers and researches them online to find contact information. It then prepare a series of emails that are sent to them individually to warm them up. Once they respond with interest, this tool forwards them to you! It’s a turnkey solution that sends hot leads directly to your inbox!

Get Leads Sent To Your Inbox With LeadFuze!

Meet The Mastermind Behind It All!

LeadFuze was conceptualized and co-founded by Justin McGill, who is a 32 year old seasoned entrepreneur. He got started working for himself in the beginning of 2008 with a digital marketing agency. He has since launched three other businesses (one failed advertising business, a new SaaS product, and a new productized service that is taking off quickly).

Know LeadFuze Better!

LeadFuze is a productized service that helps generate leads for B2B companies using cold email outreach. This platform helps in lead generation and customer acquisition. All the customers have to do is sign up in order to get hot leads sent to their inbox.

The Inspiration!

I have started a few different businesses over the years and scalable customer acquisition was always what needed to be figured out. LeadFuze’s strategy (cold email outreach) is almost ALWAYS the first tactic I use”, says Justin.

Get Leads Sent To Your Inbox With LeadFuze!

On Challenges Faced & Contenders!

Just getting LeadFuze started after having launched a SaaS app a couple months prior, was Justin’s greatest hurdle. He had just started using the cold email outreach strategy for Workado when he decided to offer this up as a service using his software.

In terms of competition, lead generating services like does pose as a potential competitor. However, they do things on a manual level whereas LeadFuze helps automate the fulfillment side of things. This means they have to charge $3,800/month to do what this tool is doing at $300/month.

On Expansion Plans, Intended Users & More!

“Now that the model is proving viable, I am investing into the redevelopment of the software. I’m merging the two existing platforms into one, adding more functionality, better email finding and validating, reporting and more. Once I have that in place, I’ll be aggressively pursuing channel partners and resellers”, says Justin.

At the moment, LeadFuze is mainly targeted at B2B companies that target specific types of businesses in the US. Further, when it comes to monetizing, the tool is already generating revenue. However, Justin is planning on growing the team with more sales people and fulfillment help.

To conclude, LeadFuze offer you the best lead generation services. So just sign up with them today and relax as it does all the work for you!!

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