Hassle-free appointments: Lineless eliminates scheduling difficulties

Making appointments can be annoying – most of the time, you have to either go and schedule in person, or at the very least, make a phone call during business hours.  Lineless is an extremely user friendly software as a service (SAAS) for scheduling appointments, taking the headache out of this whole process.  No more interrupting phone calls, no scheduling difficulties, no lines, no waiting – businesses can simply use the schedule appointment button on their website to interact with customers. If a business does not have a website, Lineless can act as a business website – simply by giving customers the link to the Lineless page.  A personal Lineless page functions as a business card, with a photo, a list of services, contacts, a map, and of course, the «schedule appointment» button.  Lineless is for any small business service provider, including lawyers, doctors, barbers, dog groomers, and so on.


Founder and co-owners Andrew Khvetkevich and Serhii Bulakh had been talking about how to make appointments easier a few years ago, and Lineless was born when the two mentioned their idea to Dmitry Kopatsky.  The team consists of eight professional enthusiasts who work in other companies, such as nic.ua and psycho.ua, both successful businesses in Ukraine. And now, nic.ua uses Lineless to schedule day to day appointments.    Initially, 50,000 USD was invested into the project, but one major hurdle is that the Ukraine crisis has brought investment to a standstill.

Lineless provides seamless appointments, and businesses will have an appointment calendar, full functionality for managing visits, a personal Lineless page, a widget for the business’s  website, flexible notification settings, and automatic visit confirmations.  And because all Lineless appointments are paperless, it helps to save the environment.  For now, they mainly focus on Russian and English speaking audiences, primarily on Ukraine, Russia, and the United States.  The next step for the Lineless team will be a mobile application and the introduction of the freemium funding model.  With the latter, all basic functions will still be free, but additional appointments and SMS notifications (beyond the free allotment) will be billed monthly, and client payments made via Lineless will include surcharges.  Publicity, promotions, and specials will be provided through Lineless, and the team is still looking at other options to expand the funding possibilities.

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