At Mafeeshee, meet the Like-Minds

“For ages, I’ve been searching for like-minded people and couldn’t find any”. Those excuses end now. Go on and check out Mafeeshee, who are in the midst of building a co-working network, that connects all sorts of talented individuals around the world. You can find interesting projects, give feedback and even collaborate with others on own projects. Mafeeshee combines both the benefits of social and business networks, eliminating unnecessary clutter and focusing on the people and their work simultaneously.

Teaming It Up!

Ali Abdallah
Munir Adi

Ali and Munir are the cousins, who have studied together. They always had a unanimous idea, ‘own business’. Initially, the plan was to design a physical co-working space in a digital network.

“We saw the need and potential this could have globally, even analyzed the co-working landscape, which proved more and more that this was the missing link.”-Ali Abdallah

They soon realized the necessity to connect the talented bunch. It made sense to collaborate a co-working network.


Evolving It

The challenge faced while formulating the business model was the indeed need of similar platform to find their own team of motivated skilled individuals, who could foresee the potential in the idea and willingly dedicate their time and energy to create Mafeeshee.

An Additional Feature

The Co-working spaces in general are disconnected. Mafeeshee strives to be the missing link between all entities. It is going to be the networking hub for creative individuals, who are looking to create the next big thing.

Absolutely No Competition

“In all honesty, we aren’t aware of any direct competitors. Our goal is to be an independent network, focusing on individuals who are looking to connect, collaborate and create without the distraction of social clutter.” said Ali Abdallah.

More to come!

The future plan is to expand globally and become the co-working network that fills the gap between business and social.

On Capitalization

The registration is free for all users. However, there will be premium features to boost ones profile.

To get started login at



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