SkyPrep: An efficient way to train employees

SkyPrep enables businesses with little to no technical expertise to cost-effectively automate and scale their training programs. Companies can upload their training content, such as PowerPoint presentations, videos and documents, and then combine them with tests and quizzes built within the platform to form dynamic online courses. A customized training portal can then be set up to deliver these courses to users. Reporting tools and real-time analytics are also available to help track user progress and performance.  The SkyPrep founders were approached by a colleague to find them an online testing and training software to sell their training courses to companies. They were amazed they couldn’t find an online testing software platform that was easy to use, yet had all the functionality that they were looking for. So what did the three brothers do? They built one.

When you’re an entrepreneur, things move really fast. When you’re an entrepreneur in tech, they move five times faster. You really can’t afford to fall behind and everything is time sensitive – six months is a lifetime ago. The foundation of your company is what allows you to adapt and hopefully succeed in an ultra-competitive climate. Understanding the industry would probably be the biggest hurdle faced in starting SkyPrep.


SkyPrep is the go-to training solution for businesses looking for a simpler and more affordable way to train employees. It empowers the non-technical user to easily manage an automated portal that can train up to thousands of individuals. This scales training in a way not possible in the traditional face-to-face format and frees up resources and administrative time to invest in other areas of the business.  SkyPrep competes with other online training platforms such as Litmos, Grovo, MindFlash. Traditional training methods that companies are still using today. SkyPrep has already expanded globally but would love to have more ground in internationally. They also want to expand their staff and eventually become a very large, competitive, and influential tech company that is capable of making a huge change in the industry.

Whether you’re a tutor, someone wanting to sell courses online, a small business with just a few employees, a non-profit organization, or a large company with thousands of employees to train, feedback has been unanimous – SkyPrep is addictively easy to use.

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