Barrel Backers delivers craft beer to your door (and more)

Beer is a complex subject.  Perhaps you are already familiar with craft brews and their unique and delicious characteristics, or perhaps you’re still chugging things like Budweiser or Kingfisher in an attempt to get drunk (there’s so much more to beer than that).  I was always into German and Belgian brews more than anything else, but there’s an ever increasing number of people into the local microbrew, and that’s what Barrel Backers is really about – well, sort of.  Barrel Backers is really about sharing those local craft brews – it is a powerful crowdfunding  discovery community for craft beer.   See, there’s a big problem with craft beers: there are a lot of talented breweries making amazing beers, but they are often hard to get at the local store.  Craft beer fans from across America are using Barrel Backers to rally around the beers they’re excited to drink. When enough people support a beer, an order is placed and the beer will be delivered to their doorstep – with over 3,400 craft breweries around the US creating great beers, people should have the opportunity to discover and appreciate them by joining together in voice with the support of technology. Additionally, fans are also making their voice heard by submitting beers on their wish-lists and voting for the ones they want to see featured in the future. In this field, Barrel Backers is an alternative to standard beer-of-the-month clubs because they allow people to choose the beers they want to experience. This approach empowers individuals to vote with their wallets on the beers they want to receive, and Barrel Backers also asks them to tell which beers they want to see featured in the future.

Co-founder Adam Rivette remembers drinking his first craft beer after a long day of snowboarding in Colorado twelve years ago. It was a Fat Tire, and it completely redefined for him what beer could be. It was different, delicious, and brewed right down the road from where he was staying. Needless to say, Adam was hooked. That was his simple introduction to great craft beer and now it’s everywhere. And Adam can never get enough. Because he travels frequently, Adam makes it a point to ask for the local brew every time he’s in a new town. Why? Because, savoring the taste of a fresh beer is one of life’s simple pleasures. It’s also just plain fun to discover and experience new things. Plus he likes that every craft beer has a unique story tied to the very people who live near the brewery. Still, he’s realized that in most cases that he would have to board a plane to experience that unique taste again. What gives? Do we not live in the land of the free? And what is the 21st Amendment anyways? Eventually, Adam began wondering about all those other craft beer lovers that have taken jobs in new states far from their hometown breweries. Did they miss their favorite local brews and how did they discover new ones? After many beer fueled discussions, he found out that for a bunch of people, their only opportunity to enjoy a favorite beer is limited to making it home for the holidays. So Adam got together with a few friends and decided to do something about it.  Adam, along with his brother Dan and friends Mike and Brian Trisler built Barrel Backers, a crowdfunding platform for people to discover and experience the craft beers they’re excited about. Adam, Dan, and Mike were all West Point graduates, and all three served as Ranger-qualified infantry officers – making this a veteran-run business as well.  Dan and Adam both attended business school in Europe (in France and Italy respectively), while Brian Trisler attended Columbia University before going on to startup a number of businesses in Eastern Europe.  Mike is otherwise a member of Team Earthlink, and has worked as a Hollywood stuntman.


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