MarketingStick: Your Trusted Marketing Software!

If finance is the backbone of your business, then marketing is the lifeline. From word of mouth, advertising, campaigns and much more, your business thrives on effective forms of marketing. All kinds of marketing reports are treasure troves that offer you valuable insights on consumer behavior and so on. But, compilation of this data can get taxing. Even with many marketing tools available, this process still continues to be a nightmare.

What do you do? Well the answer is simple. You get MarketingStick! It is this amazing marketing reporting software platform that is out with a vengeance to simplify data and instantly provide you with desired results and valuable insights.

Well get ready to catapult your business’ success with MarketingStick!

MarketingStick: Your All-in-one Marketing Software!

Meet The Team Behind It All!

MarketingStick was ideated and co-founded by Joshua Gunter, Brian Putt and Ian McNay. The co-founders are a group of friends that have spent some time working together in the past. They all have startup backgrounds working in things ranging from social media, innovative technology to non-profit organizations. They are in it together for the long haul and are really excited to spend all the time they can to come up with innovative ideas and bringing value to customers with software.

What is MarketingStick About?

This platform is all about creating marketing reporting software for small businesses and agencies that’s insightful and easy to use. The team has got some cool concepts and updates that they will be introducing in the near future from a collaboration of their own ideas and their customer’s.

“We’re currently integrated with Google Analytics and are planning more integration for the future (Social, other website tracking analytics, etc.). But, as of now, it takes about 10 seconds to sign up and create your first marketing report with actual data from your website”, adds the team.

The Driving Force!

The team from their own personal experience as well as that of many others understood that marketing is a broad concept and a lot of people needed help with not only ideas that will work for their business, but also wanted an understanding of what will work and what will not through actual data.

The idea initially was to create an all in one marketing application for small businesses. The team aspired to create an application that could not only track progress but would also give you suggestions on how to improve or increase your traffic, visitors, and website conversions. After creating several sections inside the app that addressed things ranging from real-time visitors to marketing goals, the team was having troubles deciding on what to do next as they were left with so many possibilities.

“We decided to take a step back and look at our data and see what it was telling us. After doing so, one thing was for sure; 90% of our users were returning to use our marketing reporting tool almost exclusively. After some thought, we decided if we put all our focus into the reporting tool and simplified our app, it would not only be easier for us as far as development and choosing a direction, but we could certainly bring more value to our customers”, says the team.

This indeed was a major pivot for them, but since committing to it, they haven’t looked back, and their users started actively using MarketingStick 3 times longer than when they had all the other features.

MarketingStick: Your Trusted Marketing Software!

On The Road Blocks & Contenders!

Like every startup, the team has had its fair share of ups and downs. However, they are relieved that they are finally getting set in a specific direction. There are a lot of things that can be improved upon in the online marketing space, but they are starting with what the data is telling them. They have no idea where the road ahead will take them, but the team is pretty excited about it!

In terms of competition, Measureful is an example of someone who’s doing something creative in the marketing reporting space.

On The Journey Ahead & Target Audience!

“You know, we do spend some time talking about this but I guess you could say we’re pretty flexible. The ideal direction we go will be the one that enables us to provide the most value for our customers and I think one of the greatest things about being a startup is being able to change and adapt to customer needs as necessary. But we’re certainly planning on making a name for ourselves”, says the team.

At the moment, the software is mainly targeted at the general small business community with anyone who’s interested in gaining more value from their website analytics. Also, anyone who wants to speed up the process of collecting and understanding data is an audience.

Monetizing Model!

When it comes down to revenue generation, the team has some flexible pricing options that they are experimenting with. However, they will likely remain a SaaS business with monthly subscriptions opportunities.

Oh wait! We are not done yet. The team of MarketingStick was kind enough to offer all Startup Dopers a chance to win something exciting. Use the code NEW75OFF while signing in. If you are one of the first 20 people, then you will be eligible for a 75% off on any plan for the first month.

So what are you waiting for? To sign in now and do know more about the app, do visit:

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