‘I Have Will’ fights the addiction

Prior to I Have Will, Brandy was Founder and CEO of a Management Consulting Business for High Profile Tech Executives, Entrepreneurs and Celebrities. Over the past few months Brandy O’Dell built a strong web presence and has put together a team of well-known and highly esteemed professionals.


I Have Will in a Gist

I Have Will is a one-stop destination for recovery resources. It provides on-demand healthcare services that enables those in need and their families access to life saving resources quickly, easily and professionally. It can range from their Wearable Device to finding Meetings, Counselors, Sponsors, Treatment Facilities and Narcan (an antidote for overdose victims)- those in need will have access to valuable, life saving substance abuse and recovery resources nearest them.

How I Have Will was started


“A little over a year ago, my brother died from a heroin overdose. After a lot of online research and talking to people struggling with addiction and their families the overall consensus was that despite the plethora of resources out there people don’t know where or how to go about finding help. “, says Brandy.

She says that many sites simply provide paid advertising search results and often they’re completely unrelated to what you’re looking for. Or, the link that you’re given leads to another link and that leads to a broken link.

“Losing my only sibling to heroin was life changing. It was awful and still is awful. I don’t wish what I’ve gone through on anyone. So for me, the biggest hurdle I’ve faced has been trying to create something that is going to save lives ” She adds.
‘I have will’ aims to put an end to addiction issues through proper access to medication at the right time.

Brandy says “I Have Will is creating a brand. A brand that is providing awareness, hope and change.  We’re in such early stages of starting I Have Will that, if the amount of impact we’re having already is any indication of where we’re headed, I’m confident we’ll continue to not only change but, hopefully help save lives”.
‘I Have Will’ would have direct answers to search results for what is being searched, without any running around that many services offer. They’re also going to be given access to Counselors, Sponsors and the life saving antidote, Narcan. These are just a few of the things that they are working on implementing at I Have Will.

“Right now, in most states, you’ll need to contact your local pharmacy to see if it’s available, if it needs to be ordered and when/where you can get it. We’re going to change that process to make it much easier for people. And, this is something I’m really excited about because Narcan saves lives and every person who needs it, should have access to it. ” explains Brandy.

I Have Will plans to implement live meetings and Counselor/Sponsor on Demand features in the near future. Brandy says that they are creating ways that are going to make things that are necessary to the recovery process feasible.

Next will be our wearable device this is something that I’m also very excited about because in time, what we’re doing with this will pair with the education and prevention process of things.


“Beyond all of this I’d like to one day see a chain of I Have Will treatment facilities where everyone can access a recovery program that they need and deserve.” says Brandy.

The average age of drug use is 12. While most people overdosing are in their 20’s. They want to create awareness to people of all ages whether they’re struggling with addiction or know someone who is. And, they’re looking for people who want to be involved.

According to Brandy, I have will already has some interest from some of the well-known VC’s. Monetizing will come from various sources such as treatment facilities, our on-demand counseling features, pharmaceutical areas and advertising to start.  “As things expand and grow there will be more avenues from where revenue is brought in.” she says.

Website: http://ihavewill.com

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