A Perfect Optimised Website Portal For Real Estate Professionals

A vast majority of real estate websites are simply a blend of diverse properties. These websites only offer generic simple search results, that sort properties taking into account the following factors; price, neighborhood, places of interest, and so on. They generally give individuals a holistic idea of what sort of properties are accessible or available in the specified region. is one of the innovative online property portal sites, which provides a user-friendly and innovative platform for the real estate business. It offers complete real estate solutions with the most accurate property information available on the market.


An online real estate marketing website like meHOUSE, provides an incredible platform for buyers, sellers, and real estate agents.

This revolutionary online property portal platform by meHOUSE is expected to be launched in the middle of 2015. For the real estate agents, it is a unique opportunity as they can get their real estate property business advertised through the platform, whilst being able to opt for bulk listings.

The website offers the users a rich experience, as it understands the need of the customers and provides relevant information at ease. It offers a one-stop solution for all your property needs – Buying, Selling, Renting and much more.

The website of meHOUSE has a responsive web design which allows viewing on a wide range of devices; from desktops/laptops (PC or MAC), tablets, and smartphones. The websites will adjust itself automatically to various screen sizes, screen resolutions and screen orientation.

In a generation, where everyone is on the “move”. MeHOUSE understands the importance of mobile version of the website. A responsive website design offers the approach that design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on-screen size, resolution and orientation.

The website’s priority is to be user-friendly. The navigation process of the website is kept simple, so that, it becomes easy for the agent/broker or the customers to view the web pages easily from any device. Smartphone users can swipe through the properties and view the contents very easily.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for the real estate industry, usually includes the process of verifying significant search engines perceiving your website as an authority and trustworthy source of data on the topic that characterises your business. For this website, proper SEO efforts has been utilised, so that the website ranks top of Google search pages. This will also enable the website to get the highest search engine rankings for the “keywords” which recognise your business. This will greatly benefit brokers and real estate agents, who wish to put their property ads to appear in Google search for real estate queries as per suburbs.

From traditional advertising techniques to modern ones, digital marketing techniques involves online advertising which includes radio, TV, social media, etc. The real estate professionals, i.e., brokers and agents can reach wider groups of audience through the help of social media. In this technology laden world, everyone loves sharing information or contents with friends and family through social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.

Internet marketing is important in today’s competitive world, which includes optimisation of the websites. With the advent of digital marketing, technology has opened various avenues for the agents and brokers to reach the prospective customers easily.

International patents have been submitted which will be ready once approved. Property portal websites like meHOUSE has a variety of real estate listings from trusted agents ranging from simple properties to sophisticated. When planning to buy or rent real estate using, you are given an amazing insight to find your dream home with ease.

“Your home, your real estate” is the company slogan, as it is mehouse priority to provide you with a portal that will take the “hard work” from looking or selling your property.


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