Mingel Is Your Next Big Event Planning Hub!

I am sure each one us have come across untoward feeling of ending up in a sloppily event or missing on the most coveted concert. Even an unplanned evening can urge the guilt part of you. These ‘never again’ experiences strongly demand for an event app resolution that is tailored for individual interests. Well here it is now!

Mingel is your personalized event app that recommends events based on your interests and followings. The app cut shorts the hours of searching for the perfect even to a recommended catalogue. It exactly knows your taste of carousing.

While using Mingel, you will realize that you have spent more time on actual events than scouting the unwanted list. The events are rated on scale of 1 to 100 according to how well the event fits you. The Mingel score is based on several factors such as your interests, followers and the general popularity of the events.

Mingel also enables you the option to follow artists, bars, nightclubs, universities and sport clubs. As soon as, new events in your area have been found, it notify you about them. This way you will never miss an event again.


Teaming It Up!

Mingel is co-founded by Valentin Scholz, Stefan Stift, Martin Rauter and Jakob Zenz. The aspiring entrepreneurs are outgoing and believe in enjoying life to the fullest. Being congenial, they often looked forward to roll into classy events and meet-ups. However, missing events and landing into appalling places has also been a part of the excavation.

Apart from that, people have different tastes of ambience. Yet while searching for events we have to scrutinize the entire list. The founders realised the fact that there is no technology to suggest on events according to individual preferences. Hence Mingle came to the picture.

“We wanted to create a platform, which is personalized for every single user but still has the power of a community behind. On Mingel every event is rated differently for every user depending on his or her taste.”



The Oomph Factor!

The current social sundries are lighting up the towns. With such assorted catalogues spread over Facebook, Ticketmast, Eventime, Eventbrite etc it is difficult to look for defined events.

Mingel solves this problem by gathering all events on one platform. It gives the users a perfect overview of what is going on around them.

It is also hard to judge out great events from the coffer. Mingel categorizes all events and gives every single event a score. This score tells you immediately if this event is interesting for you or not. The Mingel score is biased toward your taste!

People are rarely informed about new events in the town. Maybe you see a facebook post of a friend attending an event, but most of the time at that point it is already too late. You can track musicians on platforms like songkick or bandsintown, but what about nightclubs, art galleries, universities, sport clubs etc? Mingel makes them all trackable and every time your followings have a new event, you are notified. This way you will never miss an event again.

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Vienna and London are the hotspots of Mingel. However, it is trying to become global for finding, sharing and buying events. Currently the team is working on providing more detailed and accurate event recommendations.

Mingle has partnered with Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, Viagogo and others to receive commission for ticket sales. “In addition we will offer an easy and cheap way of selling tickets for small to medium sized events,” revealed Jakob- the CFO.

Readers, feel free to join the beta version of Mingel. To know more about it, checkout the website: http://mingel.me/



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