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A mind can have thousands of ideas. Imagination is powerful, but not most of the ideas are reformative. To judge your own ideas is being unfair. If you have a mentor with ceaseless positivity to pronoun your ideas with possible certainty, it would be ‘Validitio’.

Validatio helps the newbie’s and upcoming businesses to run concept feedback surveys on their new or existing ideas and products. It gives a tailored report on the scope of the product. It also benchmarks your ideas against other similar products.


Meet Alicia Tan!

Currently, Alicia Tan is the sole founders of Validatio. Alicia is an ex derivatives trader, who has been working as a startup consultant for the last few years. She is highly inspired by technology and start-ups at NYC. She has done her under graduation from MIT and also pursued INSEAD MBA.

“People have tons of ideas yet most do not validate these ideas in any way, because of cost, time, or knowledge. Our goal was to make concept testing more accessible”.

The key Solution

No matter how good or exceptional the product is, it needs to undergo the concept validation process in order to prove its agility in the market. Launching a new product without verifying the market and customer evaluation is like punching a beehive! Yet people mostly avoid the key phase of validation because the process is unknown, the cost is unaffordable and the additional time factor.

Validatio streamlines this process informatively, fast and at affordable cost. The service structures an unbiased survey and surveys a general or targeted online survey audience, and then sends you a personalized report that includes qualitative and quantitative data, and levels your results with other ideas in your industry. Checkout their sample report (


The Market Scenario for Validitio

Nielsen style surveys facilitate similar services for big budget companies. Self-created and administered survey services like Google Surveys or Survey Monkey, have their own audience to survey. For Validatio, the audience is the online surveyors so the result is rolled out of fair-minds. The services are charged depending on the size of survey audience and level of targeting.

It is currently running its beta mode and refining the service by implementing the feedbacks from customers. It is so build a database of its own. If you are a first time entrepreneur or even a serial entrepreneur having small businesses without a marketing department then, Validitio can boost your confidence before the successful the launch.

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