Mobile Dating Apps: Adoption Techniques & Monetization Strategies

Online dating has been lingering around for a while now. This trend played cupid well and made it possible for scores of lovebirds to find the love of their lives online. However, dating sites had their limitations. Fortunately, with a boom in Android and iOS apps, launch of mobile dating apps like the famous Tinder, OkCupid, Grindr and many more became a reality. It gave everyone the amazing convenience of finding a date, their soulmate or someone to just casually hookup with at their fingertips.


But have you ever wondered why mobile dating apps are so popular and how these apps make the revenue to sustain? Well for all you aspiring entrepreneurs out there, you may want to continue reading as what we are about to say can make your dream of owning a trending mobile dating app possible.


Though a relatively new space, the online dating zone is definitely swamped with many apps. But what is that special ingredient or ingredients that make Tinder, OkCupid, eHarmony, Grindr and many such players tick? Why is that, users willingly adopt only these dating apps over others? Well read on to probably understand how you can, like these apps, have a large users base and a dedicated following.

Do it as Tinder Did!

This popular dating app has become a household name. Started only in 2012, its success has catapulted 10 folds. Tinder keeps things simple, chic and more importantly very private. Like a teasing lover it lets users give out just enough to pique the interest of potential matches.

Also, understand that the one thing that puts users off is the encroachment of creeps that like spoilt milk leave a bad taste in their mouths. Thus it is important to take a cue from Tinder and keep your dating app secure enough to minimize the ‘creep-factor’. This will offer your users the assurance they need to take the plunge into online dating.

Position Yourself Carefully!

This is important. Ask yourself two questions. The first one, “who is it for?” so that you pick your target audience based on factors like demographics, sexual orientation etc. The second one “Users are here to find what?” so that you can zero in on whether you want your app to be a hookup app, a casual dating app or a medium for people to find their soulmate.


Gamify the Experience!

Make the app interesting. One way to make using your dating app habitual is to gamify the dating experience. Give your users the chance to self-curate and play around a little with their possible match preferences. Also, make the selection process fun. For instance, in Tinder, users have to swipe right to indicate interest. In short, to accelerate the adoption of your app among users, bring in an element that is fun and exciting.

Curate Your Content!

Make your users want more. Popular dating apps like OkCupid, Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel all do this. While gamification adds that exciting element to the app, delivering curated content makes the users craving for more. The key here is to keep their romance alive for the app by offering them quality choices at regular intervals. The other crucial pointer to remember is to curate the content based on the users’ preferences. This is important to gain your users trust as this simple act prompts deeper consideration than a plethora of random options.

Use the Right Marketing & Branding Strategy!

Marketing and branding a dating app is tricky. Like Tinder you can either depend on organic marketing or you can push the envelope with aggressive marketing campaigns. But remember to play on your strengths and position your app in its true light because the aim is not just for instant conversion but also to retain the users.


The first part of this article talks about adoption that is predominately aimed at increasing your user base. Now let’s focus on the monetizing aspect of things. If amazing adoption techniques are the backbone of your mobile dating app then monetizing strategies are the lifeline. As mentioned early to sustain and to grow, it is important to generate revenue. But how do you do this? Well read on to know more.


Ad Displays!

This is the classic monetization model. In this, once you have the desired user base you give out space for advertising. This will help you generate revenue. However, it is important to ensure that you do this without posing as a hindrance to user experience. Remember that too many pop-ups and flash ads can turn-off your users’ interest in your mobile dating app.

Premium Packs!

You can always offer your users the option to switch to the premium pack at a nominal price. For instance, you could include services like unlimited matches on a premium in comparison to just 3 potential matches per day on standard and many more. However, it is crucial to have a clear demarcation in the features of the two packages. Remember that even if the amount charged is nominal, the users are still looking to gain value for money.

In-App Purchases

Another effective monetizing model is having in-app purchases. In a mobile dating app you can do this with a whole host of features. For instance, these purchases could include $0.99 for responding to a match or hookup, to undo an accidental left swipe or to see the number of users that have liked/viewed your profile.

Wondering why would anyone pay? Well in a pure hookup app scenario why wouldn’t a user pay just $0.99 for a potential booty call or pay the same to undo a hottie that they accidently rejected. So trust us, this monetizing model is sure to get the revenue you desire.

Paid Mobile Dating App

This monetizing model is the most no-beating-around-the-bush kind. It is directly proportionate to the traction your mobile dating app gets. Oh don’t worry; this is not going to affect your user base. After all why would anyone want to give up a chance at hooking up or finding their soulmate at just $4 or $5 dollars? To be practical this costs them way less than a night out or even a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Well as established earlier mobile dating apps are trending right now. So what are you waiting for? Just ride this enormous tide and take our gyaan on adoption and monetizing of the same.

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Oh! Also if you have any genius suggestions or advises, please do leave us a comment.

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