Lets Creative Teams Visually Organize Their Thoughts!

As a creative person, one derives inspiration from many things around them. It could be a song on their playlist, a picture on Pinterest or a video on YouTube. However, the problem is that there is no place available wherein they can collect such information in order to organize their thoughts.

Well we are happy to say that those days are over as there is a new online application available that perfectly address this issue. Rightfully called, it is a platform that allows creative teams to create their ‘online mural’ to brainstorm, collaborate, synthesis and create something totally mind-blowing. Lets Creative Teams Visually Organize Their Thoughts!

Meet The Dynamic Duo Behind It All! was ideated and co-founded by Patricio (Pato) Jutard and Mariano Suarez Battan.

Both, Pato and Mariano are from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They are serial entrepreneurs who previously owned a successful startup called Three Melons. It was a game development studio and was so impressive that Disney couldn’t resist the urge to buy it from them.

Know Better!

It is an online visual collaboration tool for creative teams, something like an online whiteboard. was brought to life to solve a problem that Mariano had when he was designing a video game with an interdisciplinary team that was collaborating remotely.

This app offers creative folks a platform where they can organize their thoughts. It also allows them to share it with their team mates where they could give feedback and get things moving.

The Driving Force!

“It was a pain to design games with a team distributed worldwide in Disney. We needed better tools for design collaboration and this thought is what inspired”, says the duo. Lets Creative Teams Visually Organize Their Thoughts!

On Hurdles Faced & Competitors

The main problem was that no one was looking for ‘Online Murals’. Thus the team’s biggest challenge was to find a way to evangelize the use of this kind of tool.

In terms of competition, 3M, the Post-It creator does pose as a potential competitor as they are launching digital tools lately which have some features that collide with

On The Road Ahead & Target Audience

The team presently is looking to expand the reach of this online application in San Francisco. Also, at the moment, is mainly targeted towards an audience that includes designers, innovators, consultants and specially design thinkers. The team has partnered with IDEO and they are optimizing the product for such folks.

When it comes down to monetizing, the team offers numerous packages at various costs. Users can opt for their plan after trying the 30 day free trial.

To jot it down in one sentence, is here to give creative teams a common platform to brainstorm and create masterpieces.

For more details on their plans and about the app, do visit:

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