Talkroute- Phone Services Exclusively For Small Enterprises

Often smaller companies do not prioritize towards their telephone systems. However, while they are climbing the ladder of success, it is tough to manage customer queries and deals over menial phone services. In contrary, larger companies have efficient services for telephonic purposes by rendering higher price. Talkroute is for the emergent.

Talkroute offers small teams to have effective telephone systems like large companies, without the cost and required infrastructure of a typical enterprise solution. There are few similar services in the market but none focuses on small businesses. Small businesses make up over 95% of companies in the United States do not possess an elegant phone solutions.

Talkroute is an imperative tool designed solely for  small businesses with the core phone system features. It is easily obtainable, while still utilizing any existing phone or service provider and maintaining extreme reliability.

The primary goal is to provide business owners with a service that needs nothing more than a web browser and an active phone. It has already managed to cover 60,000 users by now. With this pace, the tool will branch out soon.


The co-founders of Talkroute Paul Howey and Eric Howey are brothers. The Howeys were always driven by the idea of starting a company together. Paul has a sound experience in starting and developing several profitable e-commerce sites. While Eric is endowed with exceptional coding skills. He was also in charge of deploying phone systems for two of the world’s largest hotel chains and aerospace companies.

“While working on my latest startup, I was utilizing Google voice to handle my business calls. I quickly found the limitations when trying to use Google Voice for my business. After consulting with Eric, he programmed the very first version of Talkroute. I quickly realized the amazing value Talkroute brought to my business and knew I would be lost without it. Eric and I decided to focus on bringing Talkroute to the market.”, stated Paul Howey.

Finding ways to reach the targeted market (small business souk) and engaging them with any product can be a herculean task to deal with.

The small businesses are not well equipped to handle the phone calls. They tend to miss out the calls from the costumers. While call conferencing and call parking may be big draws for an enterprise, small businesses rarely have use for these types of features.

Talkroute aims to provide core features and a very simple and easy to use UI for telephone systems. When the customers are asked on why they signed up for Talkroute, 9 out of 10 would say it’s because of the simplicity of the service.

While Google Voice, Ring Central, and Grasshopper are the big names that come to mind, Talkroute doesn’t compete directly with them. They all serve different markets. The competitors connect their calls via VoIP, which utilizes cellular data, IP Phones, or Wi-fi. This is generally very unreliable. Talkroute provides services by utilizing the existing service provider (PSTN).

“Our users pay a flat rate of 19.95 per month for the service. This includes unlimited usage. We offer a free 7day’s trial service.” He says.

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