Should people agree to the use of identity chips?

If you’ve ever read a science fiction book or watched a science fiction movie, chances are you have a basic idea of what identity chips are. An identity chip essentially gives machines a way to identify your body. Identity chips typically consist of an RFID (radio-frequency identification) microchip, which can be embedded into the skin.

While the idea of the use of identity chips may sound so far into the future, people are already choosing to use them today. Here are some of the pros and cons of the use of identity chips.

Pro – Identity chips, or RFID microchips, are convenient.

The main advantage of identity chips is that they are convenient. RFID microchips have an ID number, which a machine will be able to read in seconds. The ID number can be associated with various information, such as your medical information. That way, whenever you go to the doctor’s office for an examination or your annual checkup, your doctor will have immediate and easy access to your medical information. Even your car door may be able to read your imbedded identity chip. As you can imagine, the use of an identity chip can make life much, much easier for you.

Pro – RFID microchips have the ability to pinpoint location.

When it comes to cases of missing and lost individuals, RFID microchips can potentially be a lifesaver. Since RFID microchips have the ability to pinpoint location, law enforcement officials and detectives may be able to rely on identity cards to save the lives of missing and lost people.

Con – There are privacy and security concerns with identity chips.

Without a doubt, privacy and security concerns are the main disadvantage with identity chips. Theoretically, anyone who possesses an RFID reader will be able to obtain your ID number. In turn, they may be able to use this ID number to access the records linked to the number.

Unsurprisingly, many people find this possibility very concerning.  The last thing you want is your financial or medical information to fall into the wrong hands. Nowadays, consumers have to worry about security and privacy when it comes to just about everything they do. For example, many consumers have switched to online faxing solutions, such as those provided by, for transferring documents digitally due to the inadequacy of email and traditional faxing when it comes to security and privacy. Few people want to have one more thing to worry about by using identity chips.

Without a doubt, identity chips have their advantages and disadvantages. In the future, individuals may be expected to make the decision whether to use identity cards. Therefore, all consumers should take the time to learn about the workings of identity chips now.

This post was written by Melody Gee, Content Director of OnlineFaxes.

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