Perfect your golf skills with Duotrac golf, a Multipoint motion tracking sensor device

DuoTrac golf is a multi-point, motion-tracking, portable sensor-based device and mobile app that analyzes and improves swing performance and footwork. Founded by Jason Koo, founder of Coach Labs, Inc., is a serial entrepreneur and inventor of the KooClip sunglass visor clip and co-inventor of the SnapCap two-piece golf ferrules. Their multi-sensor approach uses a four sensor-point system that doubles the accuracy of other sports swing analyzers/portable sensors. DuoTrac is custom designed to consider all levels of a golfer, whether an amateur, PGA Instructor, coach, or PGA Tour Player. Now, golfers can measure, track, and enhance their performance with every swing to step up their game.


The gateway to a well-played game of golf lies in your swing. We’ve all encountered our good and bad days out on the course. One day you’re on a golfer’s high after hitting one great shot after another and the next you’re slumped over, completely clueless as to what you’re doing with your golf club. You understand why it’s happening, but you’re unsure as to how to take that information or knowledge and put it to use effectively. That’s the beauty of DuoTrac. DuoTrac eliminates the guess work to deliver effective coaching feedback for every swing.

DuoTrac is the First-Ever Portable Quad Sensors that track your swing and footwork motion at quadruple the accuracy for the same price of a single point sensor.

With single point analyzers, you get a fraction of the data you need. If you don’t track your footwork with your swing, you get only half the picture. DuoTrac delivers a complete 4D snapshot for every swing to eliminate frustrating and wasteful training.

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