‘Pickasound’ adorns the rock star in you!

Music is undivided and versatile! It has all the power to unite millions of hearts. Music lovers are born with a unique taste of chords that needs to be played aloud. Pickasound has brought in an alluring platform that could publicize your musical tinkling.

Pickasound is a social collaboration network, which allows you to crowd source your very own composed music. The users can alter the songs tracked by any artist on their way.Walla, renovating something better to best is overwhelming.

Professional and Amateur musicians who enjoy creating content and are looking for new outlets to publish their works Pickasound is your tool.


Teaming it up

Toju Ometoruwa and Adam Koehler are just the under grad from Northeastern University and still passionately co-founded the splendid Pickasound. The amateur musician used tools like Garageband to produce Alternative tracks and Soundcloud to share them. Later he combined both the features to churn out Pickasound.

Adam Koehler is into marketing the music. He is an intern at Columbia Records. Adam also holds the head of marketing chair for Northeastern’s Live Music Association that book nationally touring artists to perform on campus. He has worked at The Harry Fox Agency and has experience in independent music production.

 How to use the tool

You can build on songs composed by any artists by simply uploading or recording their musical ideas, then posting them on an artists’ music player like comments. Your contributions will be streamed along with each project (the ‘source’ track) with perfect sync. The synced tracks can be shared and heard in multiple ways, allowing endless possibilities for content building and collaboration amongst a community of musicians.

The Onset

With the evolution of Facebook and Twitter, we discovered the passage to connect and share the life stories with everybody and anybody worldwide. For musicians, to connect and share the magnificent work was yet to be encroached. “I realized that there were millions of musicians online who lacked the right tools they needed to connect on a purely creative level”.

Factors like copyright infringement, poor user experience, or inadequate technology was a setback.


What is new?

With ‘Pickasound’, musicians can share, sample, and remix each other’s works in a legal and efficient way. A sustainable revenue models through content creation, where musicians can earn revenue simply by contributing ideas to other artists projects, or getting their works remixed, or sampled by others on the site.

The Competition

Tools like Soundtrap, Indaba, and Splice provides other ways for musicians to collaborate. However, Pickasound has a separate streamlining process, in a way that makes contributing sounds to projects as simple as posting comments. The artists can monetize their works through collaboration.

The platform is more than just a space for creativity, where a completely new revenue stream can be developed, that will, you bet surpass the album sales and even streaming royalties as the most secure way for artists to earn revenue through content creation.

“We think Pickasound will be the universal go to platform for content creators from all over the world, and across all types of music software tools to connect and collaborate”.

Audio Mixing Console

In current scenario, the music creation experience is still very isolative. Music producers, singers and composers spend countless hours merging with new ideas in their bedrooms or in the studio, only to release a product that can only be consumed through listening. In order to realize the full potential of the creative works that these artists publish; there needs to be a space for their ideas to be sampled and reconstructed by others who wish to share in the experimenting process. We believe we can provide such a space.
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