Publishing catalogues and brochures made easy on pixelBook

Stefano Iotti, a partner at Arscolor Interactive, has about 20 years of experience in providing digital media services, marketing and technology driven solutions. Over the last fifteen years, he has served as the General Manager, and co-founder of Arscolor Interactive. This firm provides technology and strategic consulting for leveraging digital channels for brand communication, mobile apps, online commerce and e-learning.

Arscolor Interactive is an incubator for pixelBook, “the easiest way to publish catalogues and brochures for tablets or smartphones without the need for programming skills. With pixelBook, everyone can develop beautiful native apps, no plugin or additional software required.” pixelBook was founded by Sirio, Alberto and the Arscolor Interactive.



“We have been asked by traditional publishers to develop a publishing monetization platform. As result, the very first version of pixelBook has been developed for traditional publishers.” says Stefano. He adds,  “Then, we turned to Enterprise market, since we are persuaded that this segment will be the richest in the near future and Enterprises still miss mobile publishing tools with dedicated features like pixelBook.”

Enterprises and organizations produce paper catalogues and brochures, expensive to publish and to update. Thanks to pixelBook, enterprises can self distribute their contents on mobile devices. With pixelBook, publishing is as easy as a pie:
1. Import.
2. Preview.
3. Publish to Apple Store/Google Play/Amazon/Web or private server !

A big challenge for pixelBook has been their sales mode, which is based on “one-to-one consultancy”, being slow and expensive. However, “we have already acquired important customers” says Stefano.

pixelBook has many competitors, the famous one being Adobe DPS. However, Adobe DPS primarily targets digital agencies and is not known by Enterprises, which are pixelBook’s target customers. Many other competitors are plug-ins and cannot work stand-alone. Some of them have web editors and cannot offer strong performance. PixelBook is the only publishing solution based on a standalone editor for both iOS and Android publication. That makes the difference.

On expansion plans, Stefano says “we are adding a powerful web editor in order to adopt a SaaS business model. The new model will allow to extend the user base and makes development of an online lead generation strategy possible.” Besides, based on demands of enterprises, new features are being introduced for “supporting the sales forces and the business users”.

PixelBook is moving to a freemium business model – The basic features will be provided free of charge while value added services will be premium priced. “Since we already acquired many clients including main organizations and brands (New Holland, Nespresso, Smeg, Applicando, Music Studio) we already have metrics that will help us grow and build up our pricing strategy” Stefano tells us.

Download pixelBook for free at You can also get 6 months free trial. Coupon code is “GOBUSINESS.”

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