Payroll Made Easy With Wagepoint!

The one thing that truly demotivates employees is lack of payroll transparency and delay in payment. It is crucial to remember that your employees are depended on you and it is your obligation to help them meet their monthly obligations. Corporates and multi-nationals have it easy as they have fancy and expensive payroll software. Unfortunately, small businesses do not have this kind of privilege.

To solve this very problem, we introduce you to Wagepoint! This software is here to give small business owners around the globe a simple, fast and friendly way to pay their employees. With Wagepoint, you never have to worry about the basics as payroll is done without any drama.

Payroll Made Easy With Wagepoint!

Meet The Masterminds Behind It All!

Ideated and co-founded by Shrad Rao, Ryan Dineen and Bill Murphy, Wagepoint is here to take your payroll woes away.

Shrad, Ryan, and Bill are quintessential startup junkies. They are small business owners that love the excitement and challenges that come from doing a startup. Shrad is simply driven to succeed. His passion and enthusiasm for this business is an inspiration for all. Bill is a chartered accountant and entrepreneur while Ryan is the resident HR resources guru who makes sure Wagepoint stays on top of changing trends in the workplace.

Together they make a terrific team that intensely beliefs in delivering exceptional customer service. Their willingness to go to extremes to ensure the happiness of their customers is once again remarkable.

The X-Factor!

Wagepoint is here to provide small businesses in North America with simple to learn and easy to use online payroll. The team is revolutionizing the concept of payroll by allowing employers to access the system from any location and from a mobile device in order to meet their payroll obligations. Wagepoint is also the first payroll provider in the world to offer employers the option to pay employees in the digital currency, bitcoin.

“Our ideal customer is a business with less than 100 employees, and a business owner who is fed up with the complexity, hassles and never-ending costs that come with dealing with large, traditional payroll providers. With Wagepoint, a customer can do their payroll in mere minutes, from any location, for a fraction of the cost – and actually have fun doing it”, says the team.

The team has a clear vision for their company and their customers. They are on a quest to make payroll fun, and as intuitive to use as Facebook.

What Problems Is Wagepoint Solving?

Payroll is absolutely necessary. Employers have a fiduciary duty to make sure that their staff is paid correctly and on time. But traditionally it has also been a very difficult process for the small business owner. There are a lot of risks in not doing payroll correctly, and bigger payroll providers overcomplicate the entire process and are very expensive to use.

Well Wagepoint is here to solve this very problem. It has taken payroll into the Cloud and totally simplified everything thus making it really easy and fun for a small business owner to remit salaries. With this software, customers can now also do payroll from their smartphone, and it takes just minutes. In short, Wagepoint is here to take the pain out of the payroll process.

Payroll Made Easy With Wagepoint!

The Driving Force!

“We’re small business owners ourselves, so we’ve directly experienced the hassles surrounding payroll that inspired the Wagepoint online payroll solution. Each of our founders have all done start ups before, and found that dealing with payroll providers was a huge pain. This experience is what made us want to build a solution that was better, more intuitive, and friendly for small business owners and entrepreneurs just like us”, says the team.

The Road Blocks & Contenders!

Like most startups, the team had to balance their growth ambitions with the resources available to them at any given time. It took rigorous discipline on the part of the team, to stay focused and not stray away from their set goals.

In terms of competition, Wagepoint’s main contenders are traditional payroll providers, who have an established foothold in the market, as well as other online payroll providers, who like the team are seeing an opportunity to revolutionize the HR tech market with disruptive new technologies.

On The Journey Ahead & Intended Users!

“We definitely want to dominate the small business market and see huge opportunity to simplify many of the business processes that bog down small business owners today. Right now, we’re focused on attacking the US market – we launched there in the fall of 2014. That’s a huge effort. There are around 9 million small businesses in the US. We also have an aggressive product roadmap and will be launching new complementary products for small business in 2015”, says the team.

At the moment, Wagepoint is mainly targeted at businesses with less than 100 employees. Suitable candidates also includes business owners who are fed up with the complexities, hassles and the never-ending costs that comes with dealing with large, traditional payroll providers.

The Monetizing Scheme!

“We actually just closed a $2M funding round a month or so ago, led by Extreme Venture Partners, a VC out of Toronto, so VC’s are indeed very interested in Wagepoint. The HR tech market is super hot right now, as is the Cloud software market, and we’re sitting right at the intersection of the two. We also have real, paying customers — 700 small businesses who we love and who love us back, and that number is growing, so clearly there is demand for our solution”, says the team.

In short, with Wagepoint, a customer can do their payroll in mere minutes, from any location and for a fraction of the cost – and actually have fun doing it.

Psst… Special Offer For Our Readers!

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