Project management is made truly “flexible” for you at FlexyPMA

Victor Dujmovich and Tibor Balog are on a mission to make project management better. And they are doing that “by building a more flexible, modern, easier to use and higher performance Online Project Management platform.” Their project is called FlexyPMA or Flexy Project Management.

“We are a small team of programmers and designers.” says Victor. He adds, “We constantly seek better solutions for web applications.” Tibor is responsible for design, overall business strategy, growth, branding and marketing and Victor develops, guides and oversees all technical aspects of the FlexyPMA platform. “We started and developed an online art community as well : Global Art Net. ” Victor tells us.


According to Victor, FlexyPMA was born out of frustration with the inflexible, “one size fits all” approach that other project management solution providers offer. “We believe flexibility should be a lot more than just a buzzword.” he says. Flexibility is FlexyPMA’s “mantra”.  The founders want “every nook and cranny” of the  software to embody this approach. “In most cases, Web-based Project Management Apps are general platforms. We believe that every serious small and mid-sized company has a need for its own, unique and branded app that 100% fits their needs.” says Victor.

Victor and Tibor plan to build a group of satisfied clients and improve their application with their help. Their target customer is “Every person who has clients” because they all need project management application!

FlexyPMA comes in 3 versions : free, premium and professional. There is no monthly fee. No monthly membership tracking. No monthly credit card billing. Clients pay once and have their own lifetime licensed copy of the branded application. “We are open to talk about affiliate programs too.” Victor tells us. He adds, “The first 5 testers who download the BETA and provide us with their opinion will get the lifetime license 30% off the price.”

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