Get Answers to All Your Questions At Statisfy!

Questions to which you do not get immediate answers to can honestly be the most frustrating experience. Why spend hours searching something on the internet when you can get quick and reliable answers just at a click of a button? Well Statisfy the super app is here to practically answer all your quiz ups.

The app was launched just three months ago by co-founders Dean Wiltse and Dave Casion. Statisfy, in its short span of existence is already changing the way users engage with each other on various social media platforms.

“Our goal with Statisfy is to create a tool and community for people to explore whatever they’re curious about. We all have funny, entertaining, and sometimes urgent questions that go unasked. We want to encourage more question-asking and real user engagement,” says Dean Wiltse, Statisfy Chairman, CEO and co-founder.

Through innovative, quirky growth-hacking methods that also include hiring college students to work on the marketing team, Statisfy is growing at an incredible rate.

Why is Statisfy Awesome?

Statisfy makes it easy, fast, and fun for users to ask and share questions, then instantly view results. Unlike most social media platforms, Statisfy relies on pull—not push. Instead of passively flipping through a Twitter feed, Statisfy users actively engage each other with questions. They end up with insights into people they know and the world in general. This works for both those who ask and answer, giving all users the opportunity to see how they compare to others. Users can even choose to ask and answer anonymously, while still offering up opinions.

The Inspiration Behind it All!

Seeking answers to a whole host of questions is innate to human nature. Dean and Dave both have felt that the existing social grid is amazing and has enriched many a lives in so many ways. However, one thing amiss is a proper tool that enables people to ask and answer questions, get aggregated results to their questions and see how their answers compare to others. This void in the existing social grid is what piqued their curiosity and got them experimenting that ultimately lead to conceptualization of Statisfy.

Roadblocks Faced So Far!

“One of the toughest hurdles you can face at a start-up is dealing with failure and how you deal with those failures can be your biggest advantage as you try and realize your vision. At a start-up, you have a vision and as you and the wonderful team around you execute towards realizing that vision together, you undoubtedly experience failures together; failed ideas, failed features, failed initiatives…lots of failures. One of the biggest challenges is figuring out the key learning from the failure which can be very difficult to do sometimes and when you can consistently turn those failures and learning into opportunities your really turning failure into opportunity”, add Dean and Dave on what they think was their biggest hurdle on their road to success.

Statisfy on Competitors, Target Audience and More…

The primary competitors of Statisfy are Sweigh, ePoll and Polar (that was recently acquired by Google). However, unlike its competition, Statisfy has multiple question types ranging from yes, no, multiple choice, prioritizer to open ended. Another point of differentiation is that their targeted audience is the Millennial, particular college student. Statisfy predominantly targets marketing efforts and content creation to Millennial’s preferences.

When it comes down to monetizing Statisfy, this is what they have to say, “We seek partnerships with individuals and businesses with existing communities by offering the ability for our partners to get valuable insights about their existing communities and use those insights to better serve their constituencies”.

In short with Statisfy in town, you no longer have to endlessly mull over questions that are unsolved. This to you, ladies and gentlemen, is the evolved future of answer seeking that hits you back with instant responses.

Well do not close the page yet, as Statisfy comes bearing gifts! They have weekly contests where they give away goodies, money, and other fun stuff. The best way to stay up-to-date with what the most recent contest is, do make it a point to check them up on Facebook and Twitter.

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