Bunkr is revolutionizing the way presentations are created!

The story of Bunkr begins in Paris in early 2012. Back then, Alexis Jamet and Edouard Petit, who knew each other since 2007, worked in communication agencies and created presentations everyday. They had “to waste time and energy in the process of creating their presentations”. For many weeks, they looked for a nice tool to create their presentations efficiently. “After having unsuccessfully tested many applications, they decide to start their own tool and their startup journey.” They left their jobs at Paris and moved to a flat in Rouen to work full time on their venture and thus, Bunkr was born. They met Thomas Meson in 2013 during a free lance mission for Bunkr, who joined a few months later “to strengthen the technical team”. Today Alex is the CEO, Thomas is the CTO and Edouard is the CMO of Bunkr.

Presentation tools, such as Powerpoint and Keynote, have failed to evolve with professionals’ current needs. Today, they use SaaS applications to work, publish content online, and store information on the cloud. Everyday, professionals are required to present their work to clients or during internal meetings, but find it problematic to present all the necessary content.

Bunkr has revolutionized the way presentations are created. “To build the presentation tool of the future, we redesigned our tool around our vision: changing the usage, not moving powerpoint to the web. Few features to create beautiful slides extremely fast.” says Edouard. He adds,”We created Bunkr for professionals who want to present their work with a single click. Bunkr’s presentations are completely web-based, displaying all the content you create, that are kept on the cloud. Bunkr is unlike any other presentation tool allowing you to effortlessly create and update elegant presentations.” Bunkr’s uniqueness comes with its API. “The new version of Bunkr is built on an API, which is the main structural difference of our product from other presentation tools. We think of Bunkr as a tool that connects to other applications to present content in one click.” Edouard tells us.


Bunkr has had its own challenges. When it reached around 10K users, there was an effort to ask users what they wanted in the app and implement all the features that were requested. “This has been the largest mistake we’ve made so far”. says Edouard. “People don’t know what they really want!”.

Bunkr has many competitors in the market – Powerpoint, Keynote,  Google Slides, Prezi, Slides, Slidebean.

On expansion plans, Edouard says, “Today, we have to plug our API to other applications manually. We are looking to open our API to other applications that want to give their users the option to present their data on Bunkr.”

Bunkr was completely rebuilt from the scratch in February and here are some figures since the launch-

  • 15,000 new users
  • 20,000 new presentations
  • 350,000 view pages
  • 155 countries

In total, Bunkr has 90,000 users (signups) on its platform (since April 2013).

Bunkr is focused on retaining users who work online on a daily basis. These users utilize SaaS applications to work, publish content online, and store information on the cloud. They are early adopters and look for products that will help them save time with presenting their work more efficiently.

Following are five profiles that Bunkr targets –
• Marketers
• Designers
• Developers
• Entrepreneurs
• Bloggers

Bunkr is currently free!  The focus at present is on user growth and retention. “When we first started, we had a freemium model ($5/month) and had almost 1,000 paying users. Once we received funding, our model was a bottleneck for us to grow quickly and we agreed to kill it once we decided to focus on increasing our development.” Edouard tells us.

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