HiveFlux Makes Working on Projects Efficient!

Completion of a successful project all boils down to some serious teamwork, proper time management and efficient task delegation. Unfortunately, most times, the biggest hurdle on the road to completing deliverable is being unable to track the accurate status of all the work-in-progress. Also, with team members working out of different locations, having a simple daily or even weekly status meeting becomes a challenge.

Such situations can get quite frustrating for both the management as well as the employees. Further, the chances of having a business hampering escalation from the client and exceeding the timeline are relatively higher.

Well the good news is that you no longer have to worry about such exigencies. There is a new start-up in town that offers you a state-of-the-art real-time task management and planning smart tool called HiveFlux. With this app you no longer have to call for regular meetings or exchange innumerable emails to track the status of a project. HiveFlux is here to give everything your team needs to collaborate on projects, both big and small.

HiveFlux is a smart tool for real time task management and planning

Meet The Power Team Behind HiveFlux!

This app was conceptualized and co-founded by Bruno Figueiredo and Fernanda Sa.

Bruno, who is also the CEO of this start-up, has been building websites since 1994. With time he has pivoted towards User Experience. For him working on complex projects for large clients was always exciting. However, it was equally frustrating for him when the beautiful interfaces he had designed often weren’t built as per specifications. In a way HiveFlux is his attempt at building something amazing from scratch where we has full control over its development and inception.

At the moment, the start-up comprises of 7 team members that bring various skills to the table. They are dedicated and focused and have the right talent to scale HiveFlux to new heights.

Know More About This App!

HiveFlux is a smart tool that allows real time task management and planning. Currently other available enterprise tools in the market are often too complex to use and are poorly designed. It not just lacks aesthetic appeal but also has many setbacks in terms of functionality.

Thus the aim of the team with this app is to provide small to mid-sized companies a software that helps them better manage themselves. HiveFlux in a way is a perfect example of a beautifully designed software that is an absolute joy to use and is an excellent time saver. It shows what everyone in your team is working on, so you can spend more time doing and less time waiting.

What Problem is This App Solving?

HireFlux is the annihilator of all possible planning and tracking problems faced in an enterprise. Most available tools today plan work ahead and help in delegation of tasks. However, they fail to give you any information about what is happening in real-time. You either know someone hasn’t done a task or that they’re finished.

This app is your perfect solution as it notifies you the instant team members’ start working on their tasks, when they take a break and when they finish it. It also lets you see a week’s worth of planning and how busy everyone is. This makes it easier to ensure that everyone has enough on their plate and isn’t overwhelmed.

To sum it up, it’s a fully featured project management tool for teams, where they can send tasks to each other, track time, share files and keep a shared calendar for events and deadlines. The app further provides a birds-eye view of how busy everyone in the company is each day.

The Driving Force!

“I was working in several new media agencies in London and in each one I often found some inefficiency in the way they work. They were huge companies and teams were dispersed throughout several rooms or locations. It was really hard to keep track of what everyone was doing so that we could pick up afterwards. HiveFlux aims to solve this problem by showing what everyone is working on at that very moment, making it easier to manage teams and projects”, says Bruno.

HiveFlux is a smart tool for real time task management and planning

On Challenges Faced & Competitors

As a start-up, getting the word out there about their product is always a big challenge and it was no different for HiveFlux. It was a genuine hurdle and the team learned a great deal from this experience.

In terms of competition, various project management apps, task managers and time tracking apps like Basecamp, Asana, Trello and Harvest pose as potential competitors. However, like mentioned earlier these are complex to use and does not let you know the status of the project in real time.

On Expansion Plans & Target Audience

The team’s expansion plan is quite impressive. They want HiveFlux to become a generic name in every enterprise.

“Our aim is to be the one app people keep open all day to be working in, filling the collaboration gaps and replacing the deluge of emails people send to one another. It was designed with scalability in mind, so once it’s where we want it to be, we plan to start integrating it with several other apps, like invoicing, file sharing, etc.”, adds the team.

At the moment, the app is mainly targeted towards consultancies and design agencies that typically need robust time-tracking solutions. Nevertheless, it can help any sized company better manage their work, even if their teams are dispersed.

In addition, HiveFlux was built for an English speaking, international audience. However, there are plans in the pipeline to localize the interface to several other languages.

The Monetizing Model!

The team offers 5 different tiers of paid plans, one of them being free. They charge per number of projects and storage and not users, since they want everyone to be able to join in.

Special Goodies!

If you are our reader, then the team of HiveFlux was kind enough to bestow you with some really cool stuff. You can now get an extended and fully featured 3 month trial of the app.

To know more about this offer and about the app, do visit:

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