SelfieSafe helps you securely lock up your selfies from prying eyes.

Selfies have taken over the year 2015, with so many celebrities, Webelebrities and pretty much everyone on the internet sharing a pic or two or maybe more everyday. The trend has only been going upwards.

Some of us who are a little more concerned about the privacy these days, worried that friends or families would accidentally see some pictures which are deemed personal, could only wish if there was a way to make it secure where only we or people who we want to share it with can have access to it.

Well, Selfie Safe was made by Throwr, just for that.


SelfieSafe aims to be your best friend and photo companion whenever you’re travelling, gymming or just plainly taking selfies for the fun of it. SelfieSafe allows you to safely and securely hide your personal selfies from other prying eyes.

The app claims to let you store your ‘before and after’ shots easily without having to worry about them showing up in your camera roll.

SelfieSafe has some additional features for editing, cropping and manipulating the images with 15 stunning and very subtle filters that can be customized according to your needs such as the ability to add more adjustments like brightness and contrast control, vignette, radial blur and vibrance, the added ability to overlay multiple text layers onto your selfie in tons of fonts and colours, and the support for emojis.

Once you’re comfortable, you can share safely with friends and family without worrying about the security.  If you want to just save the original without any filters or overlays you can do that too, and come back to edit the shots later.


The app lets you create an entire gallery of photos and let’s the user to capture your selfies directly from within the app while maintaining the security of them.

Your selfies are protected by your unique TouchID and Pin codes. Also, If you delete the app you delete the selfies, no backup keeps the images securely in your phone only.

Throwr, a boutique app agency based on the Mid North Coast of NSW consists of a team of ‘tech and design nerds’ who have been building a few apps that add value and fun to their users.

They usually make custom app for their clients who request it on a case to case basis. But otherwise, Throwr makes apps that are interesting or fun to use. 

SelfieSafe is available on the Apple AppStore now