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The Ad serving industry has been under criticism for a while from many users that they aren’t being paid well for the amount of views they serve. Some of the popular adserving platforms have been infact under playing these allegations. Being in control of your advertisements is one of the priorities for a digital publishing entity, or for any website that wishes to make money serving advertisements on their websites.


For a lot of businesses, the ideal method was to keep themselves in control of the ads they serve through various ad campaign options as possible. SSP Media Tech that created the to serve as an advertising platform, have been able to catch the attention of some of the biggest advertisers and online publishers in the world, solely because their product allows granular control over the ad delivery and some other flexibilities that other platforms don’t offer. When the platform recently announced they are now open for self-serve use by all kinds of clients, it was well received by enthusiasts.

“Our customers know what they are looking for in advertising and we provide it,” commented a spokesperson from SSP Media Tech.

Some of the USPs that the platform makers boast of are easily servable Banner Ad Campaigns, Pop-Up Campaigns, Rich Media Ad Campaigns, VAST compliant Video Campaigns,  Social Media Campaigns,  Mobile Ad Campaigns.

Also, Campaigns can be created in minutes and followed in real time. some of the early adopters that the makers claim are TripAdvisor, FedEx, Amazon and eBay.  And now they are available to other users who want to use the platform. According to the company, their product is competitively priced.

Jacob Cohen, New york based Campaign manager, recently said, “It’s important for us to keep as much control of our advertising campaigns as possible.  We know what we’re looking for and we don’t need anyone holding our hands – just quality and extremely fast service. delivers in a way that’s really remarkable.  Each campaign we have ran so far has exceeded our expectations, five stars and fully recommended.”

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