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Spreesy by Spencer Costanzo and Braydon Batungbacal, is all about simplifying Instagram selling and buying. So much commerce takes place on Instagram but the selling process is currently a manual and painful process. Spreesy enables true one-step Instagram selling for the first time. You can make any post “shoppable” by simply including a price and quantity in your Instagram post’s caption. Now your followers can purchase by commenting with their email address. They’re then sent a secure checkout link where they can pay with PayPal.

Both Braydon and Spencer are young college dropouts. Spencer is 20-years-old and Braydon is 22.
After realizing that college wasn’t the path for them, they went on to successfully launch hundreds of mobile apps which have been used by more than 20,000,000 people. Braydon is a skilled developer and has been programming since the age of 8.
Spencer’s an entrepreneur and has run online businesses since age 15. They’re based in Seattle.


While brainstorming ideas for scaling marketplace apps, they came across the idea of one-step Instagram selling. It was difficult but they knew that they had to pivot from the marketplace apps that they were working on to this new idea. They immediately filed for a patent and they started building Spreesy ever since. Spencer says that they’re currently patent pending and the response from Instagram sellers has been extremely positive.

“Our first hurdle was making the decision to completely shut down the suite of apps that we had worked nonstop on for many months. It was sad to see them shut down but we knew that Spreesy was too big of an opportunity to let it pass.
Our next hurdle was learning the patent process, hiring a patent attorney, and successfully filing a patent.
Lastly, we’ve been constantly working to make Spreesy as effortless as possible which is key, when you may only have your customers’ attention for one second.

Spreesy solves Instagram’s commerce problem.


Spreesy enables anyone to creatively self-employ. On both the selling and purchasing side, Spreesy feels effortless.
For sellers, there are no extra steps involved in selling. Everything takes place in their post’s caption.
For buyers, it’s never been so effortless to purchase from a social network. Spreesy makes impulse purchasing easier and more fun than ever before. And that’s how selling is done on Spreesy.

“In looking through many Instagram profiles, so many sellers use Etsy as their main storefront. Unfortunately links can’t be clicked in Instagram posts so using Etsy adds an unnecessary step to the selling process.” He says. is another competitor but Spreesy takes the best of comment selling and simple mobile/web shopping to create what we think is a more effortless solution.

Spreesy has plans to expand to every social network in the future. They want to be the go-to, unified social commerce solution for every seller on every social network.

“Our target audience is anyone who sells goods on Instagram. If you have an engaged following, you can pretty much sell anything. Many of our current sellers started on Etsy and have since expanded their businesses to Instagram.” He says.

Whether selling a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, flipping things in your garage, or selling your brand’s products, Spreesy will help you harness the power of Instagram and turn your followers into customers.

“Spreesy’s Instagram selling service costs a flat $15 per month no matter your entity size. We want Spreesy to be affordable for sellers at every level, from home-based businesses to large brands. We plan to expand our service to other social platforms and we will monetize those platforms as well” says Spencer.

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