Stickymoose: Decide It With Your Friends Instantly!

We often mumble, while making a decision, don’t we? Friends are the foremost part of our decisions. Stickymoose, the platform lets you discuss and plan with your own friends. Stickymoose is often used for brainstorming about anything and everything. The tool also lets you gather feedback from a group of people.

At Stickymoose, users can enter any question on the website. After hitting Go you can add some additional traits to your Stickymoose. You will then receive a link to share it with your friends. Invite them to post their ideas and vote on each other’s ideas. The results will be clearly visualized, allowing for an easy decision based on the outcome of ideas and votes.

Meet The Creators!

Bob Smolders, Karel Vanheule and Wim Imans are the co-founders of Stickymoose. The entrepreneurs are the masters in engineering. Karel and Wim have also pursued MBA; they have an adequate experience in finance, marketing and strategy. Bob, an impeccable coder has worked with top tier consultancy firms in the financial sector.

Stickymoose was built on the edge of the frustration while deciding on ideas. For inane decisions like “where do we go for dinne”r or “which event to crash,” we often use heavy tools like emails and social media. Unfortunately, there is no deliberate interface to share suggestions and make plan happen.


The biggest challenge faced while conceiving Stickymoose was finding the balance between building a perfect product versus going to the market with a good-enough product to get early feedback. Building the first version of Stickymoose took longer than expected. However, the beta version has smacked the market with a hit.

The Problem It Is Solving!

People worldwide are using emails to communicate and make decisions, which do not fit in quite well. “Amongst so many mails, it is inconvenient to follow up with the replies,” stated the users.

Stickymoose is best for making choices because it is an efficient interface without infuriating Ads and does not contain the noise of classic social media.

It does not require any registration and free to use, including the cool options. The interface is user friendly in fact simpler than a voting tool where participants can share their own ideas and vote on each other’s ideas.

It’s Stand In The Market

Social media, e-mails and voting tools such as Surveymonkey or Doodle are the manifolds of Stickmoose. However, Tricider is a major competition but it allows to only submitting one question per use case.

Stickymoose, the product is for general crowd so the sky is the limit as far as its use is concerned. For the moment, the majority of the users are from Europe.

“By improving and expanding our service, we hope to increase our user base also in the US. In the future, we also want to include businesses as a target group.” expressed Wim Imans, the co-founder.

On Monetization Plan

Stickymoose is completely free and doesn’t need registration. The founders are planning to offer paid subscription plans with extra features such as customizing the design of a Stickymoose (e.g. for the companies). There is a fair possibility to export or to integrate with other platforms.

Readers, you can send an email to [email protected] with this invite code in the subject line: “TDsJhYZ56W0”, to avail a 20% discount on subscription plans, for the entire year.

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