Are You Part of The Service Industry? Get IndiCard Now!!

Professionals in the service industry dedicate their lives to offering quality services to their clients. Be it a tattoo artist, a bartender or a chef, a blotched job is just not an option for them. They are the backbone of this industry and make sure that customers often receive experiences that last them a lifetime.

However, the professionals of this industry also seem to be the most neglected and also lack the means to connect with one another. To bridge this very gap there is a new mobile app in town called IndiCard. This app offers such professionals with insane offers and incentives. All they need to do is download it and apply for a membership.

So sit back and get this app and enjoy all the perks of being part of the service industry!


Meet The Team That Runs The Show!

IndiCard was conceptualized and co-founded by Myles Bailey, Braden Holt, Stephen George and Casey Barry.

These four are industry savvy young professionals that enjoy being in the mountains when they aren’t creating insane hookups for service industry employees. As a team, they work hard and enjoy the everyday challenges of founding a start-up and finding solutions that help them reach their goals. Apart from being exceptional entrepreneurs they are great foodies at heart and absolutely love their brew.

A Little More About IndiCard

IndiCard is an App created exclusively for Service Industry employees. Be it top bars, restaurants, salons, gyms, groceries and more, this app connects everyone in the industry.

“We’ve found a way to connect service industry employees, give them an identity in their chosen profession, and help them understand the power of networking all while saving them some money in their everyday life”, says the team.

What Inspired It All?

The team has been a part of this industry for years. During their stint they noticed that there is a huge disconnect between industry employees. The desire to bridge this very gap and connect them is what inspired them to build IndiCard. How did they do it? Well by incentives of course! To sum it all up, industry is one big family and the team just found a brilliant way to bring them together.

service industry professional IndiCard

On Challenges Faced , Expansion Plans, Target Audience & More

Being a start-up, the team was subjected to many hurdles. From raising capital, getting down the process down, marketing and learning how to work as a team was and still continues to be their biggest challenge.

In terms of their expansion plans this is what the team had to say, “We’re creating a national network for service industry employees. The plan is to be in the top 30 cities across the US as soon as possible”.

IndiCard is mainly targeted towards hospitality professionals. Further, steady revenue is vital for a start-up’s sustenance. Thus the team wishes to monetize by using a tip based membership program.

Special Offer For Our Readers!

Do use the Promo code “TIPBIG” if you are an industry employee for a free membership when you apply inside the App. Current IndiCard cities are Denver and Chicago.

To know more about the app, do visit:

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